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  1. Bill Heid released a podcast recently which goes into a lot of detail about why they are behind. I'd highly recommend giving it a listen. https://www.spreaker.com/show/heirloom-audio-productions-updates I'm not sure why this update was not shared here in this thread, but it is very informative.
  2. You are correct, The last release was late 2018. There has been nothing released this year.
  3. Love Charlie's Choice! A fabulous audio drama!
  4. Thanks, Kim!
  5. Awesome! Thank you! I'll have to add them to my TBR list.
  6. In Freedom's Cause is my all-time fave, followed closely by Beric and Bubastes. The rest are all fabulous too. Haven't listened to Wulf yet.
  7. Do you have recordings of your music? What style do they sing?
  8. Hello All! I am JD Sutter and I currently reside in Phoenix, AZ. A homeschool graduate nearly 20 years ago. I'm a huge audio drama fan and think that Heirloom is producing some of the highest-quality content in this medium in the world right now. I founded and run Porchlight Family Media, and it's our mission to both create and curate info about family friendly content in various mediums. Right now we're focusing primarily on audio drama, books, and classic poetry. Glad to be a part of this community and connect with other audio drama lovers.
  9. I've recently been recommended the Chuck Black books. I'd never heard of them before. They're some sort of fantasy series, right? What would you compare them to, Renee?