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  1. Praying for your daughter and your family! May God's grace comfort you during it all!
  2. We started listening to Christmas music on the radio this week! Earlier than I normally would, but since my daughter loves, loves, loves music, I thought it would be fun to have her start to learn and listen to some of our favorite Christmas hymns! We usually put up a tree after Thanksgiving. I love this time of year!
  3. Junior high-high school age
  4. Is there any specific books or resources being used to help articulate/teach/defend a Biblical worldview?
  5. Does anyone use a worldview curriculum? If so, which one?
  6. Welcome Carol! We look forward to gleaning from all your years in the homeschooling trenches!
  7. I always love making a pumpkin roll with cream cheese filling! Quick, easy and delicious! (Also makes a great gift!)
  8. Prayers for your upcoming surgery today!
  9. Hi Stacie, welcome welcome! Oh, Midwest weather.... you just never know what the next day will bring. We are experiencing the same thing down here - very hot, dry weather. I'll take it as I know it won't be long and the days will be cold and dark!
  10. Hi Diana, welcome! We are happy to have you here! You touched upon one of the reasons we love Henty... his stories are great for all ages!
  11. Hi my name is Stephanie and I am the editor for the Live the Adventure newsletter! I have 2 children - Ivy just turned 2 years old and Obie is almost 7 months, so never a dull moment in this household! We almost qualify for a zoo with 2 dogs, 3 chickens, and a cat. We love to garden, explore God's creation in the great outdoors, and enjoy living less than a mile from the mighty Mississippi River!
  12. Ohhh so many books! My daughter loves the Brown Bear book (and the others such as Polar Bear, Polar Bear...). She also likes Jamberry, the Llama Llama books and of course, the nursery rhymes book called The Nursery Treasury.