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  1. We started listening to Christmas music on the radio this week!  Earlier than I normally would, but since my daughter loves, loves, loves music, I thought it would be fun to have her start to learn and listen to some of our favorite Christmas hymns! 

    We usually put up a tree after Thanksgiving.  I love this time of year!    

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  2. 12 hours ago, said:

    Hello! My name is Carol and I've been homeschooling forever...or it sometimes feels that way-LOL! Our daughters are 19 (college Freshman) and 17 (high school Senior.) We live just outside of Indianapolis and love field trips and other hands-on learning. We really enjoy history. If anyone is coming to town, let us know and we'll try to take you to Conner Prairie to learn about Indiana history (April-October.)

    Welcome Carol!   We look forward to gleaning from all your years in the homeschooling trenches!

  3. On 9/20/2017 at 1:34 PM, said:

    I have to have surgery this Friday. The sample results weren't cancer but they did find cells. So there is a chance of cancer nearby. There is also a chance of evasive or precancerous cells. So Friday they will remove the rest of the concerned area and send to pathology. I will probably find out the following Friday the results. From what I got out of the nurse it sounds like after surgery there maybe more. If so I have accepted and ready. The good news is this was caught early. So if there isn't any more after surgery Praise God. I have been trying to keep myself busy and distracted. 

    Prayers for your upcoming surgery today!  

  4. 19 hours ago, said:

    I am Stacie. I am from the Midwest too! Wisconsin to be exact. This crazy warm weather this week! I am ready for the fall temps to stick. The leaves are already changing :) Not at peek yet. I homeschool two of my children girl ages 9 and son age 16. My oldest son is 22 and in college. I would love to visit the North East Coast! 

    Hi Stacie, welcome welcome!  Oh, Midwest weather.... you just never know what the next day will bring.  We are experiencing the same thing down here - very hot, dry weather.  I'll take it as I know it won't be long and the days will be cold and dark!  

  5. On 9/19/2017 at 1:59 PM, said:

    My name is Diana. I have three "kiddo"s - ages 30, 28 and 17. I've been hooked on Henty for over a decade. I really enjoy the audio dramas, and in our family the second biggest fan is actually my 28 year old daughter! She can't wait for me to finish listening and pass it along to her, so I like to have the adventures on CD.

    We live in Maryland. I've been home schooling since 1992 and am almost finished! #3 graduates in May.

    Hi Diana, welcome!  We are happy to have you here!  You touched upon one of the reasons we love Henty... his stories are great for all ages!  

  6. Hi my name is Stephanie and I am the editor for the Live the Adventure newsletter!  I have 2 children - Ivy just turned 2 years old and Obie is almost 7 months, so never a dull moment in this household!  We almost qualify for a zoo with 2 dogs, 3 chickens, and a cat.  We love to garden, explore God's creation in the great outdoors, and enjoy living less than a mile from the mighty Mississippi River!  


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  7. Ohhh so many books!  My daughter loves the Brown Bear book (and the others such as Polar Bear, Polar Bear...).  She also likes Jamberry, the Llama Llama books and of course, the nursery rhymes book called The Nursery Treasury. 

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