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  1. Nothing is being posted to resources anymore after problems with the website being up Is everything OK in "Live the Adventure" land?
  2. I know as a white person that I cannot experience everything that our racial minorities has experienced. Obviously Charlottesville showed us that the sin of racism still afflicts our country. Hearing from minorities who have a deep Christian faith has helped me understand me what pain we can cause them, often ignorantly. In this case, these statues are a symbol of many who believe that the white race is superior. Robert E. Lee was a great man, with a deep faith, and like all of us, he had a blind spot. We all have blind spots where we practice something that is grievous to our Creator I believe that Lee will be serving our Lord with us forever, but he will mourn, like all of us will, the failings he had on earth
  3. I must say I grieved after listening to your podcast about the Confederate statues Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson obviously had some great character traits and evidently had a strong faith. But they operated from a faulty worldview - one that allowed them to fight for states that wanted to continue the legality of slavery. It doesn't matter that only 1 in 17 Southern families owned slaves, and that many border states allowed slavery and did not secede from the Union. A major tenet of the war was over the right of people to continue to enslave others. Many of these statues were built during the first part of the 20th century as a slam against Black citizens exercising their rights. Every day on major boulevards in their cities, these statues would stare them in the face saying whites will always be better. Even today black families have to take their children down major streets in cities like Richmond, and try to explain why these statues are so prominent. I would not want Confederate graveyards to be dug up, but these statues need to be moved to places where they can be explained in their historical context. Would we want statues of Hitler and Goebbels in the streets of Berlin, because they are part of German history? Part of the freedom of the Soviet Union involved taking down the statues of Lenin and Stalin, and we applaud that. I completely agree with Stonewall Jackson's descendents - take the statues down
  4. How should we interpret "With Lee in Virginia" after the recent news from Charlottesville?