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  1. I love essential oils and use them a lot what's your favorite mix? I use Spark Naturals and Plant Therapy?
  2. Can you check if mine shipped?
  3. I would love to hear about science - what do you all use???
  4. Ice last night - I hate ice!!! I would rather have more snow!!!
  5. We have some snow in Green Bay, not as much as normal - so I'm told.
  6. Change was definitely our theme! Moved across the country and so much...
  7. I love mine ?
  8. I would love to make money from my blog...I just don't seem to know how...
  9. They don't seem to call snowdays here in Wisconsin. My kids were sad that our homeschool coop was cancelled last Monday, because of snow.
  10. What about one of those pages...gofundme or something explain what you are doing and why...
  11. We are adjusting well! We have had our first 10 inches!!!
  12. Did you try it???
  13. I don't either right youngest is still too dependent - maybe in a year or two.
  14. We are so excited for this! I downloaded it yesterday ready for our LONG drive tomorrow!
  15. Sheboygan yesterday...were you caught in the snow! We got pushing 9 inches yesterday here in Green bay!!! Winter in Florida sounds amazing! Looks like you are staying in WI for Christmas