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  1. Hiya! I just happened to sit down. In the midst of snowstorms and getting a rest while my kids enjoy some of those melty beads. They are making swords and bows and arrows with them. Very creative. I saw Christian Unschooling how has a podcast. I was excited. I have the book. Started reading; sent a copy to a dear friend in Texas who is starting to homeschool her daughter, and expecting another little one very soon. I haven't gotten to those Lifeschool conference lectures .. my husband said I need to get an mp3 player so I can listen while I am all over the place. I think he is right because I haven't had a chance to sit for more than a few. I know I need to though - refreshing for momma! PRAYING ALL OF YOU ARE WELL! And warm - we have some snow finally - hoping for more! HAHA
  2. Getting over the flu here - its a great way to deschool - when everyone is sick and none of us feel like doing anything. So my boys are playing some video games, they are watching some videos on the Bible; my girls are playing, Its nice. And we got one of the Classical Conversation apps for my oldest son to start using. Just have to learn how best to use this for him. He likes it and especially the tunes that go along with stuff. He is always about memory stuff (and I cannot remember my birthday some days! haha) Anyway things are going well - settling in after the holidays and me, just trying to minimize things so more is possible and we can explore and do whatever we want without feeling guilty that the house is a mess or....whatever. :-D Hope ou ladies are doing well too! We have the flu going around here.YAY! Pray for us all please!
  3. We just started really digging into TJ ED having my oldest read (slowly) the TJ for Teen book Figuring maybe as we read we can share thoughts together....get some relationship building in there too Finding this is very soothing when I can let go ... I am such a control freak. But reading and learning - so glad to have both of you here. We can share and learn together :-)
  4. Sabrina - I am so much where you are. Sorry to jump in this later on the conversation but I would love to connect as well - perhaps we can encourage one another too! This is very new to me and I know I have talked with a couple people - I feel very led to this way myself - yet I know its all the freedom that can be overwhelming. Support and walking together is always a good thing. I am on FB as MommyBug or you can always email me at I would love to have some "friends" of like mind in this as well. :-) And certainly it is always good to come together and reason. As for books, most are pretty "worldview" in themselves but I found a book called Christian Unschooling that I finished recently and really enjoyed. Gave me some great food for thought, and I am beginning to read and study more onLifeschooling on their website/blog. So much to consider and ponder - :-)
  5. I do love the like minds here as well! Its inspiring because for us - we are really trying to light that fire right now . Good to know where others are who have gone before.... or come alongside :-)
  6. Oh I love this! I am going to look for that LifeSchooling conference you mentioned. I need direction! My oldest is just "dead" in that sense of being curious and following interests beyond a moment or two. He was an early reader, an advance, "gifted" child and when he was younger perhaps I expected more - In my attempt to feed his so called brilliance I think I put out his light. How desperately we need to get that fire lit once again. Right now he is very stubborn and rebellious - wants nothing to do with formal learning- loves audio books (Loves Heirloom Audio especially) and so we are trying to let him follow that. Learning by listening and watching (although I detest screens! LOL) In the meantime, as you mentioned trying to find order, peace at home. So that I can enjoy them; so that I don't feel worry and anxiety whenever we ponder a day trip to a museum ,or the library or what have you. I started reading unschooling books and websites and I felt much as you said, so much "world" in there - I love how you said all that you said above because you really have inspired me. In this season, busy and bustling and crazy - to slow down. to take the time to think and pray and wait on His lead. I would love to talk more if you would not mind (if off here feel free to email me anytime I am so curious about the rules you mentioned you have in place (I think that could be helpful although my oldest sees rules right now as things to battle against) Very much in a research kind of place myself. I do so appreciate your wisdom and anything you care to share (recommended reads, listens, etc.) Many blessings to you!
  7. We are doing our turkey on the grill.... yummy!!
  8. Mine ar a mix - my younger son is all about structure. My oldest rebels against any structure at all so ... sigh Challenges !
  9. We try to be as relaxed as possible; more child led I think - Still have to do some book work because, yes, anxiety comes when I am too free with my boys. haha right now my oldest is studying computer programming, and design younger one is learning about woodworking and guns/hunting (almost hunting season here) and my girl are always loving painting and reading and dancing ... Using these as a guide of course. Always hoping for more connections though to be able to see and hear from others.:_)
  10. I say I have been homeschooling from the time my oldest was born - isn't it what we do as mommas? I think it is a lifestyle :-)
  11. I have this book; would probably get it out and read it now. Will have to look for that though so I can give it a listen to!
  12. We have two boys who are 12 and 8 and two girls that are 2 ad 6 :-)
  13. Pumpkin Chip Muffins; love Russian Tea, Apple Cider and Apple Fritters...Anything apple.... LOL
  14. We are just starting out in this crazy but exciting unschooling thing and curious Anyone else here who is an unschooled? Any tips for me? How do you manage when you are feeling anxious or worried? Managing all the various interests too .. I am excited but nervous as well.
  15. Frog and Toad George and Martha too!