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  1. Excited for the new release. It's another story I've never heard of. I really am learning so much with these adventures.
  2. Hi, we are looking for different educational shows to watch on Netflix or that can be recorded on our DVR I guess. The children (ages 11, 10, 8, and 6) have outgrown all the younger type shows, and they even seem to be tired of Wild Kratts and Magic Schoolbus. Most of the time they choose to watch VeggieTales. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but originally that was supposed to be their show for Sunday and then they watched other educational shows on school days. On non-school days the children like to watch My Little Pony. So, I was just curious what other educational shows are out there that other's kids are interested in. Thanks
  3. Curious what sort of chores your children do. My kids are 11, 10, 8, and 6. We have daily and weekly chores, and I am switching things up a bit, so I am looking for some ideas. After breakfast the children alternate (weekly) between the following: Do breakfast dishes, wipe table, wipe bathroom sink, and sweeping kitchen. After lunch the children all help clear the table, wipe their own spots, and do their dishes. Dinner time and after the children alternate (again weekly) between: assistant cook. wipe table, wipe bathroom sink, and vacuuming. Weekly chores alternate between: Mop kitchen, sweep steps, laundry helper, and clean bathroom. With the changes I am making in my schedule, I decided the children can wipe their own spots after breakfast, meaning I need one more chore for the kids to do.
  4. That does sound like fun! I've never even heard of it before. What an awesome experience for him
  5. We go to the YMCA for exercise. My older girls (who are 10 and 11) go to a few classes with me, and we spend time on the treadmill and the elliptical. Once the school year starts up, our church has Venture Club for elementary age children once a week. Other than that, they haven't been involved in much. However, my older girls just started getting involved in Bible Quizzing. So, new adventure for us. Oh, and we do go to co-op, but that doesn't start til October, and goes through April.
  6. I tried online, that didn't work at all. I used to love the Hey Mama! planner from the Old Schoolhouse, but they don't have the print version anymore. At least they didn't last year. i did find that my Teacher Manual with My Father's World is really all I need, as it is all laid out decently. But I am tweaking our schedule and routine right now.
  7. Well, I just read my reply from last year and realized I'm doing things slightly different this year. We finished up our summer session a couple of weeks ago, but I was still counting last week as school because we were doing review products and VBS. So this week is a fun week, with today being really fun with no review products at all because we started a new tradition. It was the first day for our local school district, so we had a "Happy NOT First Day of School" day. Special breakfast, video games, board games, all kids got to pick a show instead of one, then movie night with popcorn. I'm also working on my schedule and organizing this week and next week. Then we will start on Labor Day, with our fun first day of school traditions.
  8. We've got snow on the ground again today. Thankfully no tornadoes.
  9. oh most definitely
  10. yeah, I really wish I could unsee that too.
  11. I honestly don't know any of the stories until I listen to them. But I am always excited to see a new one as we've loved them all
  12. We received ours yesterday. Started listening on the way to co-op. Loving it so far. No surprise there.
  13. Photography. I love taking photos, but would love to better my skills. Though a better camera would be so helpful.
  14. Books I read myself: Terri Blackstock's If I Run series (first two books) Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. My daughter also read this series and loved it. I plan to read it as a read aloud when we start learning about Ancient Greece later in the year. Those are the ones that pop into my head right now.
  15. So, today is my daughter's birthday and I was wondering something. With 4 children we have specific traditions for each birthday. This started when my oldest turned 5 and we wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese. We knew we had to limit how often we went, so we said it would be the 5th birthday tradition. Each year since then I have come up with a new tradition for each age. They are 5 years old: Go to Chuck E. Cheese (not a birthday party, just going with immediate family, sometimes grandparents) 6 years old: Store bought/decorated cake 7 years old: Out to eat with the immediate family at Ponderosa (steak house, we do the all you can eat buffet) 8 years old: Grandparents come over (it was supposed to be friends, but they backed out on us, and I never told the children) 9 years old: Out to eat with only mommy and daddy at a fancy restaurant 10 years old: Mommy/child date to Burger King and then to the store to spend birthday money. 11 years old: This is the first year for 11 years old. I was actually was going to stop at 10, because I couldn't think of anything else. Then yesterday I thought it would be fun to have the birthday girl help mommy make the birthday cake. She agreed. So, it became the 11 year old tradition. So, what about you. Do you have any fun birthday traditions?