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  1. My name is Michael and I work at Heirloom Audio. My kids are 9, 5, 5 and 2. My family lived in the South for a long time and now we live in the Midwest. Although if I could vacation anywhere, it would be in the Northeast or Northwest. And I want to visit California soon. There, I covered every region in the U.S.! So if you're knew to the Live The Adventure Club, welcome! ... And please introduce yourself!
  2. What is your favorite Henty Audio Adventure? Your kid's favorite? Mine is Dragon and the Raven ... although my kids like them all!
  3. Heirloom Audio is excited to announce that our next Audio Adventure is ... St. Bartholomew's Eve! We're releasing a teaser trailer soon!
  4. You'll learn a lot from our latest Recipe From History. We sure did!
  5. At my house (10 miles from Heirloom Audio headquarters) we had 10 inches Saturday. :-) Thankfully, most of it has melted by now. We love snow but we love spring more!
  6. Hey, everyone. We just posted a new Recipe from History: Mashed Potato Candy. The pioneers ate it ... and it's delish!
  7. Hi, everyone! A new story has been posted on the Club home page about St. Patrick's Day. It has a couple of great recipes -- plus the history of St. Patrick!
  8. Thanks for posting this. We here at Heirloom Audio just prayed for you.
  9. Hi, everyone, The Wulf study guide is now on the Club site: Feedback is welcome!
  10. Great!
  11. Hmmmm. I will see what I can do! We have a Kindle at our house with FreeTime, so I can experiment with it. Do you mean without any browser capabilities?
  12. Hi! Send an email to We can take care of this for you!
  13. Also, if you are on the road and having trouble accessing the link, you can email me:, and I could email you the link.
  14. Hi, and I apologize for the late reply. There indeed is! What type of phone do you have? The following instructions work in iPhones and iPads, but I believe they will work on Android, too. Download the free app called "Browser and File Manager for Documents" (It's has a blue background, with an arrow pointing down.) Here's how it would work for you: 1) Download the app. 2) Copy the link of the Heirloom Audio download file. 3) Paste it into the app's browser. 4) Download the file when it asks if you want to download it. You would listen to the audio drama within that app. Also, to get the link to the download file (step No. 2): Simply right click on the icon where it says "download here" in My Library. Then copy it. Does that help?
  15. Hey, everyone. Most everyone who has posted in this chain is a member of the Review Crew. We discovered why you didn't receive Wulf: We don't have your address! It seems the computer skipped right over you. (Of course, you already have a digital version of Wulf in your Club account.) So, would each of you please send an email to stating: -- You're a member of the Review Crew and are requesting a copy of Wulf -- Your address And if you're not a member of the Review Crew and were a member in December and didn't receive Wulf, please send us an email to that address, too. :-)
  16. Also, a quick update to whet your appetite: The audio of the next one (the next one after Wulf) is being proofed!
  17. I does look like there was a minor shipping computer glitch on your orders. We are now processing the orders!
  18. Hi, everyone! I work for Heirloom Audio and am checking on everyone's orders.
  19. Here's something funny my home is changing: We're leaving up the Christmas tree at least until Feb. 1. I just need the pretty light for my spirit! Although my wife is making me take down the ornaments. I might get my 6-year-old daughter to make Valentine Day's ornaments. :-)
  20. Illinois here. We have 4 inches on the ground and -- thank the Lord -- we aren't getting any more. At least not this time!
  21. I'm not a homeschool mom, but REALLY enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing!
  22. As an employee here at Heirloom Audio, I wanted to say: Thanks for the encouraging words! And we agree with you!
  23. Dustin and Judi, Thanks for posting this prayer request. We are praying for your situation -- and praying for wisdom, too! Please keep us updated when possible. Michael
  24. It's definitely hard to choose! :-)
  25. Jennifer, Welcome to the club and to the forum! We're excited you're here! If you have any questions or tips, please speak up!