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  1. This is one we have not read or heard. Can't wait to be introduced!
  2. love this idea! I need to do some last minute shopping
  3. ours arrived today - my son met the mailman at the door and then whisked away upstairs and started listening right away!
  4. We have only listened to In the Reign of Terror so far. It is terrific and we've listened through several times. Anxiously awaiting Captain Bayley's Heir and my children are clamoring for The Cat of Bubastes.
  5. I am mom to 8, (4 boys 4 girls ages 11 yrs to 31 yrs) and mom-in-law to 4 and grandma to 11 so far We are beginning our 27th year of homeschooling We have graduated the first four from our homeschool, with 4 more to go (halfway there!) Our youngest 4 are 11, 13, 15 and 16. Homeschooling has been our lifestyle for such a long time it's hard to believe we only have a few years left.
  6. Hello! Our family first discovered G.A.Henty 20 some years ago and we've been collecting his books ever since. First I began adding beautiful reprints to our home library (yes, we homeschool) and then I began scouring antique stores and book sales for early editions. Henty's novels were the perfect thing when our oldest son was at the pre-teen age. It was so exciting to find quality literature that challenged his mind and strengthened his character. We have 4 sons and 4 daughters, and all have their favorite Henty novels. We have thoroughly enjoyed the audio drama of In the Reign of Terror this summer and now to begin building our audio library too! The Cat of Bubastes is at the top of the list.