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  1. We attend CHEA of CA every year; for their leadership conference and to assist through the remainder of the weekend. They are blessing, in many ways. I'm curious to try GHC though.
  2. We've used their Chemistry and it is full of hands on projects. We love their resources!
  3. Where you live do they run incentive programs for cutting costs? Near us, families who live in older houses are eligible for free upgrades through Edison. We had vents replaced, our ceiling re-insulated, LED lights put in - which we also hate, but more on that in a minute - and they checked the stripping on the windows. All for free. It was a blessing beyond belief. The windows are on us, but we'll install them ourselves a little at a time to help cut costs. As for LED's... We've discovered LED's release pulses of light. You can catch it on film, and find it on the internet. Thus, the constant pulsing of light might be what is causing those nasty headaches. In our home, for whatever reason, our LED's starting emitting a high pitched squeal. I finally couldn't take it anymore and had to change some of them out. Plus, the color of the lighting is always a bother. Why are they never true light?
  4. Okay... So am I the only one whose chomping at the bit and wondering if we get a possible release date? I hate being kept in suspense...
  5. Same here; they're excellent!
  6. Wow; major spoiler alert!! I wish I could unsee that. LOL Oh, well. I'm sure the story will be well worth listening to.
  7. Same here, but they're fun to learn!
  8. Woohoo! Can't wait to get started.
  9. I'd be interested in knowing the ages of everyone's children. I like a living book approach, but I've got high school students who need credits for transcripts so things are a little more tricky. Although, we do tend to apply our own guidelines to these courses. For my younger kids we do nature studies, learn more hands-on, take plenty of field trips and hikes, and more. For the older few, we're more focused, but lighten up on the textbook as much as possible. I did just come across Chemistry by Dr. Englin and I love it!! I wish I'd found this years ago. It's fun, simple to follow, and full of easily accessible experiments. Freshman year we studied Biology, Sophomore Astronomy/Oceanography, and this year is Chemistry. Next year will more than likely be Anatomy and Physiology. In regard to the OP, perhaps instead of focusing on a particular area of study, you might choose to look at scientific advancement during the particular era? For example, if I am listening to Wulf the Saxon, we might research major scientists during that time. We might learn more about scientific advancements of the time period. As there are many battle scenes, what scientific methods did they apply as medicines/cures, how did they treat wounds, and the like. I'm sure you get the picture.
  10. We finish in May as well, but as we school year-round things look a little different for us. As we get breaks every six weeks, it helps to not feel as though we're going for such extended periods of time. It works for us. Best wishes on finishing strong!
  11. They had an open exhibit here in SoCal two years back as a preview to the official opening in DC. It was a blessing, and most definitely worth the visit. Perhaps one day we'll have the ability to see the actual museum.
  12. We school year-round with a longer break at Christmas and summer, and a week's break every six weeks. This makes the year more enjoyable, but keeps us learning continually. Scalloping sounds fun!
  13. Oooo... way too many to count as we do a great deal of reading. Do you mean books I read or books we read for learning? For learning, I would have to say The Wild Robot - so excited about the sequel - Armstrong, See America, Pax, The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts, The Book of Bees, The Atlas of... (Series), The Fallacy Detective, and the Thinking to Toolbox. To name a few, and not including the kids' favorite reads. For me another long list. Present Over Perfect, The Boy at the Top of the Mountain, Thank You for Being Late, People of the Book, Man's Search for Meaning, and None Like Him are the ones I can come up with on the cuff. But there were many more we enjoyed as well. What about yourself?
  14. Photography. I know how to use our very expensive camera. (sigh) What I don't know is what makes a good photo. Only after a moment passes do I realize an angle I could have used or a setup which would have worked. I am inspired and frustrated by the gorgeous photos everyone posts online, but can't seem to get my kids to even be in the photo much-less smile.
  15. Yes; we own a copy. We have a lot of incredible resources, but rarely find anything here in Cali. Of course, perhaps this is because we are too busy look at the trees and not the ground? LOL
  16. Hooray! Do you have any idea of when it will be available? (Because we're not excited and on the edge of our seats or anything. )
  17. While we're sorry to hear there was a glitch, thank you for being so diligent in following up on this issue! We're tremendously excited to receive our copy and enjoy the next adventure. Thank you!
  18. Hello all! We've got a young adult who's a year away from graduating. She's recently decided to work part time and take a college class on the weekend. Now, she's started panicking about what remains of her high school years and the notion of not having enough time for fun before "adulthood" takes over. (sigh) She is given plenty of day-to-day free time. She has a lucrative schedule, a fun job, and the college class is a breeze. It really seems to be more the idea of adulthood approaching which is bothering her. No matter how many times we encourage her to just relax and enjoy the time - after all, being an adult isn't the end of the world! - she has her moments of stress. Out of curiosity, how do you help your young adults manage what's coming while still enjoying their youth? Thanks!
  19. Oh, yes! Thank you. I was just coming on here to check. I'm so glad we're not in this alone. Thanks, everyone!
  20. Do you ever find anything? I've always wondered how families spot those little tiny bones - and then know exactly which kind of bones they are - and other things like that. We never come across things of that nature. Plants, mushrooms, lichen and such; but no bones or snakes skins, etc.
  21. In the car on field trips is the best way to get our adventures started.
  22. Hooray! So excited about this.
  23. I wish it could be real, but financially it makes more sense for it to be artificial.
  24. Hey all! We've been back to school nine weeks now, considering we school year round, and this year I've noticed a significant change in my children's learning. All of a sudden my teens no longer have a desire to participate in family group learning. Whereas before we would do history together and science together, they now prefer me to hand them their textbook and let them work at their own pace. I confess I have mixed feelings about this. It's not that work is not getting done, and done well. It is. I just miss the feeling of unity and involvement. It's as if I'm not doing enough and I'm no longer part of this portion of their education. While I understand things need to change and we need to adapt to their growing needs, the Lord is still working in me to give me peace on this matter. How are things changing in your teens' learning, or have you noticed a change? And how are you dealing with this? Thanks! Cristina
  25. Socialization is generally not a concern for our family. However, at times, finding friends can be a challenge. Either we live in a more rural area or, for whatever reason, our children are struggling to connect with those around them. Do your children struggle with finding friends? How does your family address this issue; and how are you encouraging these relationships in your children?