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  1. Yes we have and it turns out wonderful! Strip off a few of the tough outside layers so that you have a several skins still on. Cut the tops and bottoms (leave a bit of silk and stem) put in freezer bag and that is it. I can fit 3-5 ears per gallon bag. Just check for worms in the silk area
  2. Hello My name is Jennifer and our family lives in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. We have two children 11 year old(boy) & 9 year old (girl). We live on the family farm and have been home schooling right along. We've recently discovered that my daughter has a mild case of dyslexia. With that information, I had been researching audio books. I am completely blown away by the resources shared here. We will be focusing on the Middles Ages in history this year and we just purchased the audio In Freedom's Cause. So excited!! We love history, the outdoors and sports such as baseball, swimming ...and of course, our family members include cats and our black lab Annabelle!