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  1. What does everybody think of kissing before marriage, wrong, OK, or otherwise?
  2. Tuesday after Labor Day!
  3. I do honor the veterans of our military, but morally, the wars that America has taken part in were completely unnecessary for our defence. So on Memorial Day, I celebrate the dead of The Revolutionary War, War of 1812, and The War Between The States. I have looked at the history, and I see no other justified wars. And again, nothing against the vets, just against the government for getting us into such unwarranted wars.
  4. My mom's a kindergarten teacher, and she always gets mad when we see back to school sales in june, and back to school catalogues in the mail. It's kind of funny.
  5. My family and I have never had a pet. Don't feel sorry for me.
  6. I'm curious about something, everyone keeps mentioning Awana, but I have never had any contact with it. Or heard what it is. Could somebody inform me? Stupid, Signing off.
  7. I only reply when something controversial is being discussed. So often I'll look, won't see anything juicy, then leave.
  8. The Irish can be very fanciful/drunk.
  9. What does everybody know about St. Patrick, historically? He has so many legends surrounding him, I'm just curious to see how many made their way to modern American culture. For example, there's one legend where St. Patrick makes 3 demands of God. the first is that on the day that the world ends, Ireland would sink below the waves and the Irish would all die instead of seeing the tribulation. The 2nd is that any Irishman who confesses on his deathbed would be recieved into heaven, Catholic tradition says that normally they would not. An the 3rd is that St. Patrick would judge the Irish instead of Christ. God says that he can deal with the first two, but he can't grant the third demand. St. Patrick gets mad and goes on a fast, as he's on the point of dying, God grants the third demand instead of letting him die, because you know, St Patrick is just so important. So there you have it, St. Patrick will judge the Irish .
  10. Love your answer.
  11. I have been intentionally very somber all month, (Lent) and I am looking forward too Easter more than I ever have in my life.
  12. I especially liked it because I didn't know the story like I knew the other ones from reading the books by G. A. Henty, and so I wasn't mad at the directors or whoever, when they would leave out a part or add something I didn't like. One thing I don't like is the feminization (not to be sexist) of the main character. In no G. A. Henty book does the main character cry, have fear, or make a mistake. I am very passionate on this subject.
  13. I live in Northern California, and guess what? We don't get snow!
  14. I listen to them on cycle, that way I don't listen to one over and over again.
  15. In the Reign Of Terror was the first G. A. Henty story I ever read, I only did it because it was the shortest. I always hate it when Henty takes the side of the losers of a war, it's so depressing.
  16. It definitely does not matter what order they are listened to in. Period. Stop.
  17. While I'm eating lunch. It makes it interesting because now, different sandwiches remind me of different adventures. For example, a fried egg sandwich with bacon, melted cheese, fried bread, fried lunch meat and a big glass of milk reminds me of With Lee in Virginia.
  18. I've read almost all the G. A. Henty books, to put that in perspective, he wrote about 100 or so books that are at least 300 pages long. When I heard there would be Adventures in Odesssey like audio adventures, I was psyched.
  19. God's will is an open field that we should step out into without fear. Obedience is a large part of it.
  20. I personally know the theological differences between denominations, but would really wish to know what they are like in practice. I haven't been to to many different churches.
  21. The Anglican Church of North America is technically a split off of the Episcopalian Church. When the Episcopalians started doing some screwy things like ordaining women, and doing gay marriages. The Anglican Church in Africa, (about 8 million people) suspended them from communion, and many Episcopalians kind of started their own denomination, because the Archbishop of Canterbury didn't recognize them as bonafide Anglicans. However, the African Church completely recognizes the ACNA as Anglicans. I actually had the privilege of meeting the arch deacon of Uganda at my local ACNA church. What drew me to it was that my brothers' friends all started getting into it, I went to several services and was hooked. The first time I took Eucharist (communion) I cried. To put it in context, I never cry, period. The way it was done, the simplicity, the beauty. Even the fact that they use wine with water ( to represent the blood mixed with water that came out of Christ's body) made it so much more potent, I was struck with the realization of what I had just done. I had partook of a symbolic meal representing Christ. So anyway, tirade's over.
  22. Yes, I am the 14 year old. My parents are not on the forum. All posts are mine.
  23. Very interesting. So you have had a conglameration of church experience in your life. I grew up non-denominational, i.e. Baptist with a cool website. But I plan on joining the Anglican Church soon.
  24. I'll start a bit of a poll here, If there was no church except a church of this (blank) denomination in your city, would you go to it? Lutheran Catholic Presbyterian Episcopalian P.S. I chose somewhat unpopular denominations for a reason.
  25. I think it should be personal preferance for the couple. It could lead to other things yes, but that in and of itself is a slippery slope fallacy. I mean, what would holding hands lead to, talking to girls, what would that lead to?