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  1. My boys and I have enjoyed this one, too. Off to check out the study guide.
  2. Thanks for the ideas, ladies. If we don't end up back in Alaska for part of the spring, I'll be digging into searching.
  3. We've just landed in the Denver area. I *know* there are homeschoolers, but feel at a loss of how to find them. Anyone who has moved recently have suggestions of where I should be looking? I feel like it should be clear as mud, but for the moment I've had to take a full time job which is making my brain a bit mushy.
  4. I need to check this out. The last time I had tried, they required an .edu email address. But, if it is truly open, I'd love to see if I can utilize it in our homeschool. How is it going Amanda?
  5. Sadly, it looks like the market here is dropping and turning into a strong buyer's market. The boys and I are back here living more minimalist than usual. And, I have picked up a small part time online job. It doesn't pay great, but it'll help cover the grocery bill somewhat. Still covering it all in prayer and doing my best to trust in God's provision.
  6. I hadn't heard of mystery science and need to check it out. Steve Spangler has a website and links to his Youtube videos I have a subscription to Supercharged Science. You can find a bunch of her videos here:
  7. So many great dishes for fall! My boys want pumpkin chocolate chip muffins (which will be time-consuming as the muffin 'tin' left in the house holds 7 at a time!) Chili (always good on its own or served over spaghetti!) Apple desserts (working on how to do more gluten free for me!) Soup, soup and soup!!!
  8. This month saw us packing up our house in Alaska and putting it on the market. Things are SLOW going with only 2 showings since it went live last week. Having to keep paying on the Alaska house and rent a spot in an RV park in Colorado is making it very challenging financially. The boys and I are going back to Alaska for part of the fall which will be great for space (as 5 people in an RV long term is interesting.) Prayers that the house sells quickly & if I need to return to work that I'll find the best fit for me and my family.
  9. We're splitting our fall between 2 locations and can't bring everything with us between the 2 spots. My oldest are both in high school which makes it more challenging. The youngest is 2nd grade. What are some ways that you take homeschool on the road? (We're doing some Audio adventures as part of it!)
  10. Since we are in the midst of a move, I am trying to do a light load for the next few months and then get down to 'business' when we are settled. Last time we moved my boys were elementary and younger. This time I have 2 in high school! So, their 'light load' is really going to be intense work on a few subjects over 6 to 8 weeks. That way I don't need all the books at the ready.
  11. I'm Laura. My husband Stephen and I have 4 boys ages 7, 13, 16, and 19 (all with birthdays coming up!) We began homeschooling when my eldest was entering 4th grade. Prior to that, he attended our church school. We currently call Alaska home, but are relocating to Colorado. (movers are packing us out this week, but the boys and I will be 'camping' in the house for a while until it is sold.) I heard about GA Henty from other moms in a Christian homeschool group in Delaware when we lived out that way. But, my eldest wasn't sure he'd like these 'old' books. Heirloom Audio Productions has introduced the stories to our family and my younger boys love them.