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  1. A King with a crown radio show has a swear word in it. Can you take this episode off or bleep out the offending word? Lyman Coulter and George C. Pickett from the Frontier Fighters episodes also has a swear word. I wrote a post last year and have had no replies. Does this concern anyone else? We purchased the Henty cds to have interesting and engaging stories that are clean and have found them to be so. Shouldn't everything on this site have the same care and attention? I cannot allow my children to listen to any old time radio shows unless I've listened first. It is never wholesome or of good character to tolerate filthy language. We ought not in any area of our lives including entertainment and education. May we strive to hold the standard high and not bend. I realize these shows probably have not been listened to in their entirety, but someone in charge should take it upon themselves to check these issues out. Thank you for your kind attention. A site such as this can be time consuming at the least, but please be careful in the items you include.
  2. Dear Sirs: The radio drama King with a Crown has a swear word in the first part of the story. At first I thought I misheard, so I went back and listened again. When the doctor is teaching the young slave Simon English words, he gets impatient and says the D word. I want to be able to let my children listen to these interesting old dramas, but now I'm a little wary. Thanks for your time and attention to this problem.