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  1. I haven't heard anything, but it's going to be December soon! Is it customary to send all three in the same month? I thought they would have sent them throughout the entire year. A comment or update from a founder/owner may be nice (even if its something we "don't want to hear"). My son is an avid Adventures in Odyssey listener and they give their members updates on when new stories are coming out. It's really a great idea as then people have something to look forward to and it really builds excitement.
  2. Any news on upcoming stories? I assumed we would be getting three new stories throughout the year, but maybe my assumption was wrong? Thanks for the clarification!
  3. I would like to know that also!! Does anyone at Heirloom moderate this and know the answer?!? Thanks! 😀
  4. Hello, We just finished the Cat of Bubaetes online! It was great and we loved the quizzes as we went along! At the end, it says we received 500 points for the store? What is this for? Has anyone cashed these in or how do they work? Thanks!