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  1. I had that day yesterday!! I actually exploded!!
  2. Gotta love Wisconsin....wait 5 minutes and the weather will change. Last year today it was 67 degrees, today it's cold and snowing. It can get really cold in the winter and snowy. I don't know what kind of winter we will have this year....I hope that it isn't windy or below zero after it snows so we can actually enjoy the snow. We didn't have much snow last year. Definitely hand warmers in each glove if your going to be playing outside for a while. Layers!!
  3. I can't put up my tree until the day after Thanksgiving....if I had my choice I would put it up already. We go out the day after Thanksgiving to pick a fresh tree. Then later that night we decorate it as a family. I have however, started thinking about Christmas Crafting now. I want to make some cards and window clings...I want to explore my circuit for some ideas as well.... We are already singing Christmas songs. My Girl Scout Troop will be singing for a nursing home. The girls picked out six songs so my daughter is practicing them. The girls are also making the residents Christmas cards as well.
  4. I only used my instant pot once so far. I did like that I could sauté the onions and cook the meat all in one place. I made hamburger soup and it only took about 10 minutes once I had to set the pressure. I felt it was missing something so don't ask for the recipe as I tossed it....lol I feel intimadated when I use it.....I am kinda scared of it....afraid I might blow something up.
  5. When do you start baking for Christmas? Do you have a favorite cookie that you make every year? Do you make candy? I don't have a set cookie I make every year....wait I take that back....We started a tradition where the family makes cut out cookies together....finally found the perfect recipe and will be happy to share. My mom and I make Turtles every year. I have a ton of candy molds and I want to try to make different candies this year.
  6. We will be working on ornaments but I am not sure exactly what type of ornaments. I want to use my circuit to cut some snow flakes and lettering to make some winter lanterns. I also want to make some window clings yet. I would love to see the tree on your porch and what you come up with. I did make a winter wreath and once I can get to the hobby story I want to make one for Christmas to hang on the door. I am trying to make a wreath for each hoilday and each season so I can have something hanging in the door year round.
  7. I just want to take a minute to congratulate you on the Voice Art Awards! Each and every release of the audio dramas have been amazing. There is not one I have ever been disappointed with. They just keep getting better and better! Every time I think I pick out a favorite, I find a new favorite! So congratulations on a job well done
  8. Welcome Carol! We love field trips and hands on learning too! I think history and science are our favorites!
  9. I don't know if I have a favorite field trip with the kids. Not sure the kids have a favorite either. They love going on field trips. Today we were suppose to go to the chocolate place but we couldn't go. Although we did pay for the chocolate and I will get it Saturday. I think my daughters favorite was Pine Crest Historical Village when Buffalo Bill Show came. She loved Annie Oakley.
  10. I have on my phone on me as well. My daughter is always wanting to take a picture of something she finds. So we look at the pictures later. We look things up as well when we are out. She tells her Dad all about it when he gets home or we get home. Last week we went to the fishery. The chinook salmon are swimming back up stream to spawn. We watched them jump the ladders. I could watch them all day. They are so determined. We spent a while there. Next week we are going to tour the fishery and of course check out the ladders and viewing area to see how many are in now. Then we did a little reading on them and some nature journaling and drawing. I love this time of year when the salmon and at the trout are swimming up stream.
  11. The 2nd opinion was awesome. He did say that he didn't think about the perspective I had on the progesterone question...he said that was a really good question. He was surprised by how much I did my research. He didn't really say anything different then the first. We did talk about the MRI's a little more and he is sending me for genetic counseling. My first appointment is Monday. Now that I had a chance to feel the emotions of going through this. I still have good and bad days. I am still a little sore here and there when I try to do things. I think once I can get past the when and if the other shoe will drop.....and just live life and enjoy it. I will be ok. I will get there where I won't be so scared of the things I can't control. For the first time in a month I actually feel accomplished. I am going room by room each day, reorganizing and rearranging....yes I do have help with the rearranging...it's not me moving the big stuff. I started with my daughters room. We purged things and rearranged it. Really deep cleaned it.
  12. What about using Good Reads? It keeps track of the books you have read and you write a little review about the book. I keep forgetting about it.
  13. You know the day I answered this.....my husband was asking my echo dot to play Christmas music already.....lol
  14. I have an electric pressure cooker and I love it. Today though there was a awesome sale at Younkers so I ordered the InstaPot! My husband is going to kill me...however I see so MANY recipes for InstaPot that I want to be able to follow them and not figure out how to do it in the electric pressure cooker. I can't wait for it to get here. Do you have any favorite recipes that you would recommend? I want to try soup! It is getting to that time of year. Tomorrow I plan on making cream of chicken wild rice and fresh homemade rolls.
  15. My biggest challenge at the moment is returning to normal. Our world was turned upside down this last month and I am finishing up the final appointments. We started our first week of school off great but then it went down hill as we haven't been able to get back to normal. I am hoping that this week we can get back to normal. Other than that my biggest challenge is my son. He doesn't like school and always give me some sort of attitude so it has been difficult. I normally get him done first and then do my daughter. My daughter is so much fun to homeschool. No matter how much I try to think outside the box with my son he spoils it.