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  1. We started off strong but then did some babysitting to help out another mom and it is all thrown off. Also one of my kids is having some issues which throw a wrench in some days. I'm hoping next week we can get back into a better routine but then my husband will be off for a week. We will have most of october to establish a great routine then my busy season with OCC will start in November. Sigh guess that's life
  2. Personally I'd do more dissection but obviously the kids don't want that..... what about looking at slides of cells, candling eggs, have kids write a report to bring back each class on an animal of their choice from that week's classification.....make an insect collection. I don't know, I don't think I'm much help. Good luck!
  3. We started a couple weeks ago but not all of our curriculum was in so it was a gradual start. The last of it came in yesterday so Tuesday will be the first day of doing all subjects.
  4. My kids clean their own rooms and have one other room assigned to them to keep clean (ages 13, 9 and 7) including vacuuming or sweeping and mopping. My oldest does dishes, my 9 year old takes out trash, and they all help feed and care for animals (chickens, rabbits, dogs, cats, guinea pigs....).
  5. I put one together using the flexible 5-star binder. It is working out pretty well.
  6. We have decided that this year we will get more active and intentional about 4H so that will be our primary activity. We also do baton, tae kwan do, and AWANA so at this point I think that is enough
  7. Yeah online planners don't work for me either. Too easy to ignore it and "out of sight out of mind!" I'm still working on mine but I've just printed my own pages.
  8. Thanks for letting us know Julie, glad things are ok and hope the forum picks up as well!
  9. I'm wondering if everything is ok too, seems like they are at a standstill somehow....and have vanished from here all together. We love the audios so I hope things are ok with the company and everyone there.
  10. That sounds fun but I don't know any resources like you are describing. What about dissecting things? There are some homeschool science supply companies you can get things to dissect from. Not sure what your budget is. I also like the idea of bringing in different things. Maybe some bird watching stuff have them write/sketch the birds they see and identify them, you could do this with other animals too....
  11. I'm glad you posted I saw the news and was praying all was ok with you!
  12. Oh that reminds me I need to hit the back to school sales for OCC boxes. Husband has been gone the last week+ and I'm not up for taking all the kids so as soon as he gets back I need to figure out what is on sale and stock up!
  13. I beg to differ that our involvement in the world wars was not necessary. Especially WWII, you think we should have allowed Hitler to continue exterminating the Jews and take over Europe? If anything we should have gotten involved much sooner and ended it all so as to preserve lives, those in concentration camps as well as the soldiers of other countries. More recent wars are certainly more questionable (although I will say, my husband was in Iraq when Hussain was captured, at that time he definitely believed in what we were doing over there, however, the mess we left is not much better). I'm not sure you have a good understanding of these wars but regardless at least you feel there is someone to honor.
  14. That is quite an organized VBS tracking system I'm sure the other moms appreciate your work on it too!
  15. Praying things are going well can't wait to hear about your trip when you return!