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  1. I still haven't received mine.
  2. I'm glad you received yours. I am still watching for St. Bartholomew's Eve, but we are loving For the Temple.
  3. We are really enjoying For the Temple, but I still haven't received St. Bart.
  4. Hi Lieya
  5. This sounds neat!
  6. I haven't hears or received anything, but we are still very passionate and love the quality of what we have collected. I hope we will receive ours soon.
  7. I still haven't received mine, but I still would love to get one and hear the story. I'm also loving forward to the new For the Temple story as well.
  8. 9, 7, 4, and 17 months. The oldest can cook little things and wash dishes. She can load the dishwasher while my middle daughter is in charge of unloading. My son is a gopher at four and he is encouraged to keep the budding toddler in tow. Oh and the oldest helps with cloth diapers also.
  9. We haven't either. I skipped the review crew on this on because I expected it here. I hope it will still come.
  10. I still do not know what I will use next year. We tried to use an online planner this year, but sometimes we really need to unplug and so that just isn't working for us...
  11. My daughter will be thrilled with the update! She's been bingeing on our current collection and was asking for something new.
  12. I'm still excited and waiting for this too. I haven't read/experienced this story yet.
  13. Thank you Julie, I will be eager to hear more.
  14. When will it show up in our personal adventure library? Thank you!