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  1. I still haven't received mine.
  2. I'm glad you received yours. I am still watching for St. Bartholomew's Eve, but we are loving For the Temple.
  3. We are really enjoying For the Temple, but I still haven't received St. Bart.
  4. Hi Lieya
  5. This sounds neat!
  6. I haven't hears or received anything, but we are still very passionate and love the quality of what we have collected. I hope we will receive ours soon.
  7. I still haven't received mine, but I still would love to get one and hear the story. I'm also loving forward to the new For the Temple story as well.
  8. 9, 7, 4, and 17 months. The oldest can cook little things and wash dishes. She can load the dishwasher while my middle daughter is in charge of unloading. My son is a gopher at four and he is encouraged to keep the budding toddler in tow. Oh and the oldest helps with cloth diapers also.
  9. We haven't either. I skipped the review crew on this on because I expected it here. I hope it will still come.
  10. I still do not know what I will use next year. We tried to use an online planner this year, but sometimes we really need to unplug and so that just isn't working for us...
  11. My daughter will be thrilled with the update! She's been bingeing on our current collection and was asking for something new.
  12. I'm still excited and waiting for this too. I haven't read/experienced this story yet.
  13. Thank you Julie, I will be eager to hear more.
  14. When will it show up in our personal adventure library? Thank you!
  15. I was trying to like a few posts, but I've reached my like quota for the day!!
  16. We school year round. But have slags and gaps with babies, surgeries, illness and the like. I'm trying to be pretty devoted to a "free weekend" system this year, but I still capture them doing something "educational". ?
  17. I love how you guys make it work for us in all places! Now if there is a way to get it on the Kindle Fire within FreeTime child moderated mode...
  18. Such great customer service! I wish I had bought my Beric the Briton from HAP directly instead of second hand now!
  19. I love the shades of green.
  20. Check back to your paper that came with the review when you signed up. I believe we had emails from Aaron (?) at that time.
  21. Got mine in TN! Still wondering about Study Guide and all that, though...
  22. I received mine in Tennessee!
  23. I grew up in a Protestant denomination, specifically a United Methodist Church UMC. My Enginerd grew up in his youngest years Presbyterian ARP and his later youth to college years Lutheran WELS. All very conservative. One of my college degrees is Religious Studies where I studied many different denominations and the Catholic faith. And then also, my eldest sister is Tridentine Catholic (as in extremely conservative and traditional Latin Mass and all that goes with it). In our youth, there are services at church not just on Sundays but also the week leading up to Easter Sunday with Ash Wednesday being a significant one to my memory. I vaguely remember being told the ashes were from the Palms burned and saved from the previous year Palm Sunday. Lent goes from Ash Wednesday to Palm Sunday and is a long time to remember what and why Jesus gave his life for all Christians. In college, I actually attended a Charismatic Episcopal Church where the words in the liturgy actually changed (removed the Hallelujah) during Lent. For my children, since we've moved we are still a bit of church hoppers and haven't found a home to go to every week, but we talk about religion and Christian faith often. During our general lives Jesus and who he is and his importance comes in from time to time, but during Lent I up the conversations a bit to make them really think personally about what his significance is and why "God so loved the world..." For myself, I do not specifically give anything up (in high school I think I attempted to give up chocolate once) but I try to be more alert to every day decisions. Will doing "this" benefit my life and bless his gift? It's a bit of a time to reflect and be less frivolous. But then, it's only a starting point, and ideally, I try to keep these such reflections all the time and not just during the Lenten season.
  24. I'm still trying to figure things out. We were awesome from Preschool to 2nd grade for my oldest. Third grade was a nightmare as I tried something I shouldn't have. Now, I feel like we'll never get back on track. But then, with homeschool, what really is on track anyway?