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  1. Haiti was wonderful, except for the rioting and the order from the U.S. Embassy to shelter in place beginning on day 3 of our trip, then the airports closed. We left on 7/11 as planned....all is well.
  2. I thought I'd update those of you who were so supportive back in my "Co-op Drama, Help" thread. The family that was causing the issues finally left in April (co-op ended in May). Once she left, I thought we'd be better, but unfortunately so much damage was done we just had a hard time bouncing back. My strongest, and most reliable family ended up moving out of stat because of a job transfer. I ended up shutting the group down for this coming year. The 2 families who were left (in addition to my family) will continue to get together once a month as a group for a fun day (skating, movie, field trip). I'm annoyed, because we had a great group, not to mention a free building at our disposal and a pastor who was financially supportive helping us to buy much needed science equipment and such. At the same time, I'm relieved because this has been SUCH a stressful year on me and the kids. I'm looking forward to getting back to a regular homeschool schedule for the fall. The only downside at this point is that I'd bought the curriculum for the classes we had scheduled, so I'm trying to sell what I don't need and then will buy what I do need.
  3. My daughter and I leave for Haiti on 7/2 and will be gone through 7/11. If you think of us, please pray for safety, for us to have a strong impact on the children we'll be working with in the 3 orphanages, and that my daughter has a fresh encounter with God's love for people.
  4. Sabrina - I'm so very sorry. Praying for you all, I know how those occasional awkward comments from well meaning people cut at a time like this.
  5. Yes, this is what we're waiting on too!!
  6. May was a continual rainy season here in Virginia, the wettest on record. June has started off the same and we're having terrible flooding statewide. Is anyone her, other than me in Virginia?
  7. I'm using the Ultimate Homeschool Planner (Apologia) for school work. I like it because it's not pre-dated so I can make it work when I need it to. For everything else I use the Amy Knapp Family Organize to keep track of appointments, Crew deadlines, birthdays etc. It's spiral bound and lays flat, fits in my tote and has a place for to-do, menu planning and grocery shopping, and cute little stickers for bdays, parties etc.
  8. My oldest daughter (15) and I are going to Haiti on a missions trip July 3-11....that's not a vacation, but the biggest thing we've done together EVER! Other than that, we're playing it low key, going to the pool, roasting marshmallows in the back yard etc.
  9. We will hit some of the local Civil War battle sites and monuments and hopefully make it to Monticello, Ashlawn and Michey Tavern....hopefully.
  10. I planted our vegetable garden last week. We've go several types of tomatoes, and several kinds of squash, beets and lettuce. I need to pick up a eggplant and peppers. I love working in the dirt!
  11. I was wondering this myself today.
  12. We love our dog....but he'll be the last one for us. It just ties us down, and the silly thing eats my flowers out of the garden.
  13. Mine was ok. If was the first since losing Momma in March, and it was all well and good until half way through church the pastor said "No matter how old you are, you'll always need your mom." But once I got passed that it was good. The girls got me new flower bulbs for the garden, so I'll be planting again this week.
  14. Very busy here too....warm weather turned into sweltering in 2 days flat!
  15. Saturday was in the 70's. Sunday morning was cooler, then Sunday afternoon/evening we had severe thunderstorms, the tornadoes (we're not in an area that typically gets those) and 3 inches of then there was flooding. Snow over night. Monday was very nippy, with a freeze warning for overnight. Tuesday we had a field trip to the arboretum that had been on schedule since was 37 degrees and snow blowing while we were there....and very little flowers to see as they'd all even withered in the cold or been stunted by the wonky weather. I ended up having to build a fire in the wood stove last night as it got really cold again. So far this morning it's just sunny and cool....but that could change really quick these days.