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  1. What are some of your favorite field trips? As the new school year starts, I'm always open to new experiences. We try to take in some sporting events, museums, National Parks, performing arts, the symphony, cultural festivals, and other events each year as well as attend field trips sponsored by our local Co-op and Homeschool Associations. Currently, I'm planning a trip to Philadelphia to visit family. We will be there during the Smithsonian Free Museum Day. Therefore, we'll use that to our advantage as well. Educational fun doesn't have to cost to be effective. I'm looking forward to hearing what your family's enjoy doing!
  2. My son enjoys when we read The Chronicles of Narnia, The Boxcar Children, and Mysteries in Our National Parks.
  3. Laura - I hope your move is going well. Praying that everyone has an easy transition, dear one.
  4. Since my son is now 16, I thought I'd teach him to make Stromboli, which is one of his favorites, for lunch on the 1st day of school. It gets more difficult as they get older!
  5. In Pennsylvania, school can officially start on July 1st. This year, my son (age 16) begged me to give him a summer break. Therefore, we went light on work: mainly focusing on Field Trips and reviews of info he learned last year to prevent summer slide. We will start easing back into a full schedule sometime toward the end of August.
  6. I understand completely! Anything that gets them away from TV and video games is a HUGE WIN in my opinion!
  7. My son doesn't often like World History but he has been riveted to "In the Reign of Terror!" This speaks well of your audio dramatizations!
  8. We were recently introduced to Heirloom Audio Productions. Therefore, "In the Reign of Terror" is our first exposure and we have thoroughly enjoyed it. Typically, my son doesn't like World History. He is a huge American History fan and due to his Autism doesn't perceive a reason he needs to learn about any other country. Yet, he was riveted by "In the Reign of Terror!" I'm in the process of purchasing him "With Lee in Virginia" and the "Cat of Bubastes."
  9. Covering you, your wife, and family in prayers.
  10. I use an eclectic mixture of resources to homeschool my son. Even though he is sixteen, he has special needs due to his diagnoses of ADHD, Autism, and Learning Disabilities. We use manipulatives and hands-on-tools whenever we can. Our Science is experiment rich. We also use videos, online resources, and board games to enrich our learning experience as well as audio books. Furthermore, we utilize Literature to enrich not only our Language Arts but History, Fine Arts, Spanish, and other lessons when applicable. I'm also a believer that real life experiences are great at teaching life skills as well so we volunteer, have lessons on cooking, financial management, vehicle care, house maintenance, etc.
  11. Susan, Karen, and Brittney - It is nice to see all of you here as well. Karen- I've read your blog posts before but it never clicked before I read your post here today that you are a Pennsylvanian as well.
  12. I didn't realize your oldest was the same age as mine! Glad to see you here. Love the profile pic!
  13. I have one child, Andrew, who is sixteen. He has diagnoses of ADHD, Asperger's (high-functioning Autism), and Learning Disabilities. We've been homeschooling since 2008. Therefore, we are entering our ninth year of homeschooling.
  14. Hi, I'm Kelly and I'm the mother of a child with special needs who is sixteen. My son, my parents, and I live in South Central Pennsylvania among the rolling hills and green cornfields. I am a homeschool mom and we are entering our ninth year. My son enjoys listening to the Heirloom Audio dramas and I'm thankful to be a member of this new community. I look forward to getting to know you all better!