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  1. Update: His grandmother is in a home now and is making friends with the workers. Continue to pray for them.
  2. I have a friend who has a grandmother with Parkinson's . She's come to live with he and his family and they are taking care of her. Pray for them and I will try to keep you posted.
  3. The Top Three Best Places in Christian Tourism Ark Encounter ( Kentucky) Creation Museum ( Kentucky) Museum of the Bible ( Washington DC)
  4. Some good educational DVDs are Drive Through History, Buddy Davis's Amazing Adventures, and the Creation Library Series
  5. Yes our family will be praying for your family.
  6. I like Drive Through History too
  7. @heirloomaudio when will be the release of the next cd's?
  8. All of them!!! But if I had to choose I would go In Freedoms Cause ,and Captain Bailey's Heir
  9. It depends on how much you get right on the quizzes and that and they credits help with price deduction of something from the store. Sometimes what you get from the store can be 11, or 2 or whatever price of sometimes free ,it depends on how much you get right on the quizzes