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  1. My mom uses a pellet stove which she really likes. I don't know if it's cutting costs never mind.
  2. This has been a VERY interesting thread. Thank you so much!
  3. Sang at a Celebration of Life Event today. Thankful for the opportunity. And when I say "sang," I mean my husband and daughter sang, not me, which makes everyone else thankful. Ahem.

  4. It is very true about having their own place--the best part of having an RV is we are always "home" all over the country. Also, just to offer perspective, our 2yo has been to 24 states and our 5yo has been to 48. The other kids are only missing Alaska, and some of them have been to Canada and Mexico. They still forget which states border, say, Vermont, though.
  5. We've been full-timing for almost six years now. We have eight kids. Ask me ANYTHING! First of all, KOAs and such are SUPER expensive. Your best best is state/county parks. Second, look into things like Thousand Oaks if you want to camp cheaply. Do a lot of research before committing. We camp for free at churches because we sing at them, but we also need to use parks once a week. Camping at friends houses is also a super-short-term option. Third, don't worry about your book-learning falling by the wayside every other day because real life steps up as a substitute teacher for a day. The kids will survive and thrive even if they don't make it through calculus in high school. Truth! Fourth, you will NEVER forget this adventure and NEVER regret it--that last part was a lie, because there will be days you will TOTALLY regret it, but five years from now, you'll forget all the bad stuff, unless you write a book about it, which I am doing to help me be content in my old years when I think I miss this lifestyle. Let me know if you do this! Maybe we'll "run into each other" on the road...figuratively. (Our adventures are here: and
  6. We usually do our own thing. We set up a route wherever we are (previously our own land, now Grandma's farm) for the kids to follow either using clues or a map. They dress up for fun. They get rocks, some treats, pens, etc. This year they followed a timeline of Luther's life with each milestone landing them at a different place. We also had a German feast and a bunch of casual games. We would have watched Luther, but we were at Grandma's house and it got late for her.
  7. This is a fun question. My husband is a stickler about not listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving, but last year he produced his Christmas CD in Nashville, so that meant he was writing, arranging, and rehearsing Christmas music for over a year. He and our 19-year-old daughter also sing a couple Christmas song at each concert throughout the year. That means we have Christmas music year-round. Also, when I play their Christmas CD, that just means I'm being supportive, so he doesn't say anything. I humbly admit I gloat a little bit about that, since that's how I've always wanted it. Grin!
  8. I NEEEEEEED this recipe or I may not survive the winter.
  9. I grew up in Wisconsin and we're in and out of that state on our travels. We're there through the beginning of January, so we definitely have to beat the cold. We cannot do snowboots and thick jackets because there is no place for them in the trailer, although we do store things like that at Grandma's for when we're there. I have to reiterate layers. I always put thin gloves under thick mittens. Layered shirts are also best--under shirt, turtle neck, sweatshirt, jacket. If the kids are outside long, they will eventually leave a trail of layers behind as they get too hot. I would DEFINITELY get each child some snowpants. Nothing like a wet frozen tush to ruin the fun. Kids are outgrowing snowclothes ALL THE TIME, so check thrift stores, Facebook sale sites, etc., for cheapies. I know my sister's church i Green Bay has a big free "sale" where she picks up some of these items for us. I don't know where you are located, but if you want to meet, come to one of our events. Our schedule is listed here: Good luck and many blessings i the frozen tundra! Don't forget to become a Packer fan!
  10. The only money I've really made directly from companies that I'm not an affiliate for, apart from the occasional $5 or $15 or gift card, is charging for sidebar ads.
  11. Wow, thanks for all the great info about the Apologia worldview course! We discuss everything all the time, so I never thought about a formal worldview course. Our second daughter took a worldview course for college and found it interesting. She also found she was more than prepared for it due to our open conversations about everything. Some of our kids are less conversational than she is, though, so maybe a formal course would encourage them to open up. Thanks everyone!
  12. Sometimes I announce a do-over. We openly acknowledge our feelings and regrets and hug and maybe eat homemade chocolate and sometimes cry--okay, that might just be me.
  13. We bought one because we live in a travel trailer and appreciated the ability to downsize our appliances. We previously had a rice cooker/steamer and a crockpot. Because we usually are parked in church parking lots (the churches where we sing, not random churches), we don't have enough power to use the rice cooker and the crockpot at the same time, so we got rid of both and bought an Instie. I like the speed. I like cooking soup, etc. with a secure lid so there's no chance of it being spilled onto somebody. I like the speed with which it cooks. I love that I can forget about it, because I would forget about it anyway, and this way it's still salvageable. #bubblehead. It's sometimes too small for us. We are a family of 10 and we have the six-quart. While a six-quart crock pot is okay, the Instie is not because you can only fill it 2/3 of the way--need room for steam. I would love the eight-quart. We use ours quite a bit for bone stock and yogurt. We have a daughter with Crohn's disease and TRY to be careful about our children's gut health, although the potluck ladies like to sabotage us. Love those ladies! I want to try cheesecake like Hillary! You're now my hero.
  14. I usually just receive product, but some will offer product and compensation if I promote them on social media and/or run a sidebar ad. I think I only charged $25-$40 for my sidebar ads for a blog that had about 29,000 monthly page views. I don't know what the going rate is. I don't charge at all right now--too much work for me.
  15. Um...we don't really stop. Ahem. But it has already come on full force when the weather cooled a couple weeks ago. My husband and daughter have a Nashville-produced Christmas CD, and they perform a couple songs from that year-round. Now they are prepping for Christmas concerts, so I get to hear Christmas music all the time. ALL THE TIME!