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  1. Welcome Lieya.
  2. We just started listening to For the Temple yesterday in the car. We will finish it up tomorrow. So far it's a huge hit with the family!
  3. They should be old enough to empty the trash cans and put in trash bags in the bathrooms. Then have another one take out the big trash bags outside. My daughter gathers all the trash throughout the house and puts it in a big one. My son takes it all out.
  4. It looks like I can post again after several weeks of it giving me a hard time. I was trying to be here. We are busy with the kids project for 4-H and the fair is next week. That's a nice way to keep track of VBS in your community to keep the kiddos busy.
  5. We've been to the ER for my daughter being sick several times due to her special needs. My son had an ambulance ride to the ER last year for chicken being lodged in his esophagus really deep. He was barely getting air. Other than that we've had no broken bones. Which is surprising with my 12 year old son who is all boy.
  6. We have so far avoided any serious injuries for my 12 and 15 year old. I can't recall my children ever having anything to interesting like that to show to a group.
  7. The Practical Planner is my favorite planner as its large. The squares are large and it's not dated.. It's up there on price but it is great if you need lots of extra space, have a large family, or like me write large.
  8. Anyone have any big plans for this summer? We aren't going anywhere this summer. Usually, we don't have big plans in the summer. My son and husband are going to Israel in November so we've been being real tight to make it happen. My husband and I went in 2013. Too pricey for 4 to go at once.
  9. Thank you Sabrina.
  10. St. Bartholmew's Eve-I can't wait. Wow, has it been a year almost. My joined date was Aug. 1st.
  11. Before we moved I had my strawberries in a raised garden which kept them from getting out of control.
  12. I still miss my mom after 17 years of her being gone. Last year I lost my best friend on Mother's Day. My heart aches for her 5 children this year.
  13. Did everyone have a nice Mother's Day. Ours was quite and restful. I've been getting over a cold so it was nice doing nothing.
  14. That made me laugh out loud!
  15. We play board games, do crafts, and go bug hunting often.