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  1. Last year (for part of the year) I used a large Happy Planner. It worked out decent. I like that I can add any pages that I might need. I will most likely try to use that again this year. I can never seem to find a planner that fits my needs, so I end up creating one myself. Good luck, ladies!
  2. Our daughter said this one was her favorite so far, as well. Can't wait to add the study guide now. **Thank you, Heirloom.
  3. Nope, you're not alone!
  4. I'm going to need to look into these again! ;^)
  5. Well, isn't that interesting. We're going to have to try those! I'm seeing a one day mini unit study in our near future. Thank you for sharing.
  6. My daughter adores Christian music and has just discovered she likes Christian rap. I would much rather her listen to Christian rap than secular rap.... for sure!
  7. Have a blessed birthday!
  8. Right now we have two that are playing soccer and we are very active in our church and with church related activities. We sort of burned our selves out a few years ago with doing WAY TOO MUCH. Not being involved in a ton of activities is a good thing for us right now. {wink, wink}
  9. Yes, I have one that can be a challenge sometimes.
  10. Have you attended any homeschool conventions in the past? Will you be attending any this year? My husband and I went to one (quite a few years ago, now) and we LOVED it!
  11. WooHoo. How exciting! Can't wait.
  12. Our meals really aren't all that different in the winter than they are in the summer. I will say that we do tend to cook more chili and such in the winter months. Other than that, it's about the same for us.
  13. Do you prefer to school year round or take a significant break off in the summer? We've done both. I prefer to school year-round with many breaks in between. We live in Florida and tend to stay inside a lot during the summer unless we go swimming, etc. So we do a big chunk of school during the summer months. We take a bit of time off (although we still consider it school) during the end of August and into September to go scalloping in the Gulf. When we have taken a long summer break it seems harder for us to get back *into the swing* of things and slight amnesia sets in as they seem to have forgotten what they learned the year before... hahaha!
  14. What books did you read in 2017? Which ones were your favorite?
  15. My kids often totally surprise me. One of their favorite places EVER is the Art Museum. The first time we went I thought for sure they would be so bored and I was a tad scared they might touch the art. I was blown away when they stared at the paintings, asked questions, and picked their favorite pieces. They loved it so much that their grandparents bought a yearly family pass as a Christmas gift one year. It helps that our local Art Museum does a scavenger hunt throughout the museum. Always fun!