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  1. Can't wait!!! We have learned so much from these!
  2. Only four times so far...but it's sparked a whirlwind of chatter between the siblings and creating castles and swords.....
  3. I have been down for awhile due to my Lupus....I have missed being on here, can't wait to catch up with everyone on the forum!!!


      Aww, sorry to hear you've had a rough time of it.  Glad you're back!

  4. Yes!!! Kaden has declared this one his ultimate favorite....heading to check out the Guide now! Thank you so much!!!!
  5. Ok, just asking.....we have done both, just wandering how you guys are going to cook your bird this year?
  6. I normally do a huge elaborate thankful and giving tree, but this year I am just mentally overdrawn. So, I took several thin sticks, put them in a vase and hole punched leaves out of paper we had leftover from last year. We used a marker to write our thankful messages on the leaves and placed leaves on the sticks. Same concept, and looks great on our table.
  7. Dealing with Halloween Crash and Thanksgiving kind of November 1st!!!

  8. These all sound awesome.....thank you all!!
  9. Painting....oh how I love to paint!
  10. This is my Daughters Senior Year and I'm planning a few fun extra things for her during the year to make it special. Looking for some ideas Friends...Please share!!!
  11. November 1st...8am!!!
  12. You guys seem to have some great things going for Fall too!!
  13. Here is our Fall Bucket List!!!
  14. Our Fall Bucket List.....


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      We dip them in beeswax and then do little projects with them during the Holidays. :)



      Oh, very cool. I have never heard of that.


      Great list! I love fall & all the fun things to go with it. Plus I like turning using the oven this time of year.

  15. I think I'm the most excited for the cozy nights in with the Family, quilts on the bed and planning out our Holiday traditions.