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  1. Here's what my email said: Hello, We are part of the Live the Adventure Club, and I contacted you through that website a few months ago. I got a very kind response from Julie, I think it was. She helped me as best she could, but didn't have the answer to my question. So here it is: We have been faithfully been paying our dues to the LTAC, and yes, I understand part of the dues pays for our access to all the material on the website. But it also pays for our new GA Henty adventures. The only one we received this year is FOR THE TEMPLE. We loved it, but are wondering where the rest of our promised adventures are. Part of the dues is to pay for the new adventures that come out. We've paid our dues in full, but haven't received the promised material in full. When I signed our family up, the dues were to be charged quarterly, and we'd receive four new adventures annually. Now that count is officially down to three promised adventures annually, and that change was made without officially notifying those of us who signed up under the four per year plan. And as of Dec. 16, 2019, we've only received one new adventure. I don't see that changing in the next fifteen days. I understand running a ministry can be challenging. I understand you're probably running on a shoestring budget, and producing the top quality stories you create takes time, talent and more money. Personnel changes and natural disasters can slow things up. But when you say you're going to do something, you need to do it. I signed up for four adventures per year. That was why I signed us up. We love you stories and the values they promote. My boys love the strong characters. For us to be receiving three adventures instead of four, and now only one so far for 2019 is unacceptable. I understand there may be extenuating circumstances, but it's your job to notify us of that. It really seems as if you're hoping we all just forget for now and keep paying our $24.94 every three months. Please let me and the rest of your faithful subscribers know what's going on. It's the least you can do. Thank you for what you're doing to strengthen the leaders of tomorrow, Christina Malo
  2. I just tried email Heirloom Audio on their website and the Contact Us page didn't submit my email. This is unacceptable. Bill H. needs to respond to all of our inquiries.