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  1. My 13-year-old loves The Cat of Bubastes. I like them all.
  2. We've listened to it several times.
  3. My kids ask me all the time when a new one will be released. We just went to Montana and we took all of our Heirloom adventures with us.
  4. We are on this one and my kids are already wanting the next one to be finished.
  5. That's awesome you found something online & anything helps. I'm hoping you get settled soon.
  6. These are some good ones, I'll be watching for more.
  7. I was just wondering the same thing. My son is living in Orlando and attends the University. He doesn't have electricity, but where he is mostly damaged from the wind and some standing water. Trees down & siding ripped off the side of his apartment building.
  8. I hated school! The only classes I remember liking were computers (in the 80's) and home ec. Now, my kids and I love history and literature. My 15 year old loves to spell and she is always having me give her hard spelling tests.
  9. We love white chicken chili!! We eat it all year. Pumpkin bread with cranberries is another favorite for us.
  10. No swim team here. I have one daughter that would have loved to, but she played traveling soccer instead. The rest of my kids aren't as competitive so they have never had a desire to.
  11. I followed everyone in this list.
  12. Maybe it is based on how many threads you start, or if people like your posts? Just guessing here.
  13. I love anything apple, pumpkin & soup. I like pumpkin pie and apple pie, but I never eat the crust. So one year my daughter made a pumpkin pie (with no crust) added apples in it and added some crumbles on top. It was so good. I like when I start soup in the morning and then it is ready when everyone is hungry.
  14. We don't officially school all year, but we do have some curriculum reviews in the summer.