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  1. Do you belong to a book club? Is it in real life, or virtual (like on Facebook)? How is it organized?
  2. Yes, a bound book would be so neat!
  3. Question about heat: does it make the kitchen as hot as say the oven or more like a crock-pot (some heat, but not bad in the summer)? Also, does it need to be used in an open space as opposed to on a counter with overhead cabinets?
  4. I use the workbooks from Handwriting Without Tears. I have never used the teacher's manual, so I can't say anything about them, but the workbooks are easy enough to figure out. And that style of cursive fits more with how I write.
  5. Got the email yesterday! So excited to listen to it with the boys!
  6. Think of it this way: by the time the younger ones get up to 10th grade, there will be shiny new curriculum to try out. Sell now, buy new stuff later!
  7. Collect words of wisdom from family and friends.
  8. I suggest going through your blog posts and pick out a theme. Put them all together into one document. Or if you do recipes, make a cookbook around a special theme. I always appreciate menu plans with recipes. Do you have a special skill that you could teach others? Write it all out. Bible studies for moms or kids are always good.
  9. We've never really had traditions that we keep every single year. Probably because I like to change things up all the time. This year, I am planning to use the Advent calendar from Focus on the Family.
  10. For me, it has been more recently as my boys have gotten older and able to do work on their own without me having to sit right beside them. The seasons of motherhood (and life) change and I'm now in prep mode for when they are all gone and making their way in the world !
  11. Love Ultimate Bundles! I also like print magazines. And print books.
  12. Another option that I'm looking into is creating a product (ebook for me, could also be a class, printables pack, audio, video, so many options here) to put in a bundle. Ultimate Bundles is one I am familiar with. Also Build Your Bundle for homeschool curriculum. That would be a great way to build up an email list and make a little money at the same time. Generally you get the bundle yourself for free and you get a portion of each bundle bought as a whole. If you also sell bundles as an affiliate, you get a commission for that, too.
  13. You are so fortunate in where you live! Our neighborhood is the safest and therefore the most popular place for all the kids to go on Halloween, which makes me feel kind of obligated to hand out candy. I love your ideas! Last year I bribed my kids with their own bag of candy if I didn't have to get them costumes or take them out. They loved it and asked again this year to do that. My kids are getting older so dressing up isn't such a big deal to them anymore.
  14. I love the idea of grilling out for Thanksgiving! Thanks for your encouragement!
  15. Yeah, I NEVER go shopping on Black Friday! That's just crazy. But from then until Christmas, it is so much busier than normal. I've been trying all year to rest. It was my word for the year and I've been trying to find it all year to no avail. I love your idea of Ann Voskamp's writings. She has a great way of changing our focus. A question about Advent: we have never done it. Our church doesn't celebrate it and although I have a little understanding of what it is about, what do you do for it? (And thanks for the permission, that's always welcomed!)