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  1. Who has started back to school? Who hasn't? Since we homeschool, I had planned to start on Sept. 4th, but my mom is taking my son on a trip to the mountains so I guess we will start when he gets home.
  2. I liked the Veronica Roth Red Queen Series, and also Life After E.L.E. Though I wish a 2nd book for that would come out soon.
  3. We do year round, but a much lighter load in the summer.
  4. Cakes or piano.
  5. I don't really care for plant therapy that much. The smells tend to make me feel a bit ill. I've tried so many different ones, but DoTerra seems to be the only thing that really works for us. I get mine wholesale from a friend, so it works nicely for me. And I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE their onguard concentrated cleaner. We call it the miracle cleaner.
  6. I don't really change it up much, but I do find I crave soups more so in the winter/colder months.
  7. Well, I figured if there was an Instapot thread, there could be a floor care thread HAHA! I have "real" hardwood floors in my home-all downstairs. I have laminate in one room upstairs. I'm seriously considering a Bissel Crosswave. I've heard great things about it online, so I'm wondering if anyone here has one.
  8. We unplug EVERYTHING not in use. Lamps, chargers (Especially charging bricks/cables!) EVERYTHING! It drastically reduced our bill.
  9. Thank you SO MUCH! This is a huge help for me! We have to travel so much, and these adventures have a huge calming effect on my son. But, I don't like keeping the discs in the car all the time. This is a huge help! Thank you!!!
  10. Has anyone found a great integrated science that's not overly expensive? Bonus points if I can tie it in with any of the Heirloom things we have!
  11. I know we can download to a PC, but I've never tried my phone yet. We are leaving on a long road trip next week, and I'd love to take Wulf the Saxon with us on the drive. Is there a way to do this?
  12. We can't wait to listen to this one!
  13. We always listen to them in the car, especially on longer car trips. Our first was In Freedom's Cause, so we have definitely not listened in any sort of order, just the order when they have been released. And you can make a game out of it, too. I like to have my son draw pictures about what we have listened to, or we act out stories, etc.
  14. Can you click on the "My Library" at the top of the page? There, there should be a link for Captain Bayley and the bonus content is there.
  15. I had no idea we can "like" comments! This makes me more happy than it probably should HAHA!