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  1. Too hard to choose!
  2. I decorated the dining room & kitchen today, and got one of the kids to assemble the tree. It's pre-lit. All we've done is set it up and turn it on so far. We want to give my other son's therapy dog a chance to get used to it before putting ornaments on, lol!
  3. When we still lived in MI, it worked out best to have it on Friday, so that the people we wanted could be there! ?
  4. Entered! This looks like something my kids would love!
  5. We take off from the point when I finish my last review until the crew is back up and running in January. And then, my birthday and one of my boys birthday hit exactly one week apart in the beginning of January, so we just sort of ease back into school mode. ?
  6. My son is back in a locked acute care facility.
  7. I have one who loves Hardy Boys, and anything related to Batman. Another who loves anything related to nature, and dinosaurs. One of my twins is currently reading Little House books, but his favorite is anything about presidents. His twin doesn't like to read, and has to be strongly encouraged to do so.
  8. Petroglyph National Park, here in Albuquerque.
  9. This is us, too.
  10. We're mostly eclectic, relaxed homeschoolers. That works best for us. Pure unschooling was too anxiety producing for me.
  11. About 18 years, since our eldest finished kindergarten.
  12. I don't know if I could do it.
  13. We also do as much as we can together. Unit studies, DVDs that we all learn from, things like that
  14. Well, we're slowly getting into a routine. I'm getting ready to have total knee replacement this coming Tuesday, so I'm working on things they can do while I'm in the hospital.
  15. Thank you all, so very much.