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  1. Pumpkin and sausage pasta! The only problem is that my husband doesn't like it, so I don't make it that often. I can't imagine anyone getting to have temps in the 60s anytime soon. I'm thrilled because our *nights* will finally get to the 60s soon. Our days are still in the mid-80s for quite awhile still!
  2. I love to knit, too! I taught myself on YouTube some years ago. I had tried to teach myself from a book once before, but I could never quite get it. Then I had the idea to learn from YouTube (because we all learn everything from YouTube, right?!). My favorite thing to knit is lace shawls, but I just recently started using normal (worsted) weight yarn on normal sized needles. My whole family is amazed at how fast I can complete something now I used to love cross stitching, but I needed something more portable when my kids were younger (and those tiny needles unnerved me with toddlers!). I also love Old Time Radio, which was one reason I was so excited about this site!
  3. I love that you can watch full episodes of Nat Geo on the website here: Mission Saturn is wonderful.
  4. Mine are 16, 14, and 12 year-old twins. The oldest two both wanted to be completely independent by high school. They, too, realized that they could finish sooner that way. I'm all for my 14 year-old working independently because I'm trying to get him ready to do dual credit classes at the community college. My twins still love "group classes" (science and history), so we'll definitely do them as long as they like them. I'll miss them when they decide we're done!
  5. Oh my gosh. I can't believe it took me this long to get back on here! We ended up evacuating as a result of controlled releases of our reservoirs (like levies in New Orleans). We stayed as long as we dared - kept driving out to see how close the water was getting and finally left at 8:30 at night (which was scary in itself). We drove about 30 miles northwest to stay with my SIL for a few days never sure if our house was flooded or not. Finally, our neighbor went home and texted that we would have to wade into the neighborhood, but that our house didn't flood. We were so thankful. My parents (both over 70) had to retreat to their second floor as water invaded their first floor and they eventually had to be rescued by the Sheriff's Department. The first floor of the house I grew up in was a total gut job (my five siblings and I did the gutting after Harvey finally left). There are still so many people devastated here. I spent Saturday with my family driving through a neighborhood whose houses were submerged for over two weeks handing out lunches and cleaning supplies through our church. When we were cleaning out my parents' house, the people who drove through with lunch were like angels. It's nice to be on the other side of that. I'll confess that I've been very low since the hurricane. I *still* haven't gotten our homeschool off to a proper start, and I'm behind on my freelance job. I'd love your continued prayers. The pic is of my parents' house with my parents and siblings (and a few of my kids) during the clean out process.
  6. There is nothing petty about prayers for a broken A/C! I live in Houston, and with no A/C, our house can easily get to 96 or higher. I'm so glad you got it fixed in a timely-ish fashion.
  7. Is anyone else in the hurricane's path? I live in Houston, and have for the past 37 years, so this is not my first rodeo (hurricane). We've never flooded in our current home (18 years here), but I consider all of Houston a flood plain, so we're always wary during these rain events.
  8. Lori, this post is so personal to me in many ways. You are very much in my prayers.
  9. Ah! I guess that's why people love it there!
  10. I would definitely be interested in hearing, too!
  11. Life of Fred is so wonderful!
  12. Where do you live that you don't get a lot of rain? I *love* rainy days!
  13. I'm intrigued by this book, but Ill confess that the one I'm most interested in is Respectful Kids...with four teens (well, the twins will be teens in a few months), respect seems to have flown out the window. I am frustrated and feeling like a failure...
  14. I haven't made it yet, but I'm going to try this next week Instant Pot Oatmeal. I'm *really* trying to work Steel Cut Oats into our diets, and since we love Coconut Milk, I think this one looks really good - quick, too. We also make smoothies with protein powder and spinach (neither of which they can taste once they throw in the frozen fruit and coconut milk!).
  15. My 12 year-old daughter and I love to knit and listen to audio books. My 16 year-old daughter will just read all day without coming up for air! My boys (12 and 14) play in their room together. Most of the time I have no idea what they're doing, and that's usually best!