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  1. Hi Everyone, If you get the chance to ever see the Museum of the Bible I highly recommend. It is worth the time, energy & money, very well done! & Dave Stotts from Drive thru history has an entire floor created by him & his team of history experts LOVE Washington DC Oh, I also recommend Mt. Vernon as well, just maybe not on Presidents Day, because its FREE & 10k other people showed up that day too!
  2. Hi There, I was wondering if anyone knows if we should be expecting St. Bartholomews Eve in the mail? thank you
  3. I was hoping a higher up will help us out????? Aaron maybe........
  4. HI Everyone, Just curious as to when posting on this forum for the review crew is ending? I have only received 1 audio....but I think the email said there was to be 3 or 4? Clarifying does anyone know..... ty
  5. So what are you all doing for history field trips this spring?
  6. Yes, Our Costco trip today was a little crazy! Yet VA has gotten rain/storms all week so outside time has not happened, no fresh air crazier kids!
  7. To everything there is a season!
  8. And don't forget missouri is filled with the pioneer wagon trail indentions still!
  9. I thought that too....the forum has been so quiet!
  10. hmmm, I had no idea hopefully they got it running smoothly again?
  11. okay it would be great when we do receive this in the mail......I wish someone from the company would maybe respond???? ty
  12. Its Friday night & my kids are ALL sleeping & husband and son are at medieval camp.....whats a girl to do with two hours of downtime? hmmmm......hope your Friday night was restful in someway! I have had uninterruped thoughts with typing, I am enjoying this moment
  13. At least have a quiet cup of tea!!!
  14. Does anyone know if this audio was sent out???
  15. You may just have to plan in some uninerrupted downtime
  16. Hope everyone has stayed safe & warm!!!
  17. hear hear on that one!
  18. okay thank you! he is mia lol
  19. Hi Aaron, I sent you an email regarding a flyer that went out that I was supposed to receive one in the mail? You used my blog review or parts of it for the flyer & I was wondering if I could still get a copy of it??? Thanks so much! Pam Let me know if you need my address again?
  20. Anyone have any information???
  21. Just curious as to when the next audio will be released? Have road trip adventures coming up, need listening adventures
  22. Who is snowed in AGAIN? Technically Spring has Sprung, but where.......VA is still cold?
  23. thanks I will try that!
  24. So was the trailer ever released? I feel I miss so much communication here, hmmmmm
  25. Wow it looks like we are back to winter AGAIN....