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  1. We are woking on that one......ahhh dinner made hmmmmm such a life!
  2. SO at this time each year I find it really hard to keep schooling.........the weather is starting to get nicer & mentally I am done, YET I have 3 more months to go.....I like to finish in May. Anyone else feel this way? Maybe its because I have elementary age & its intense because 2 out of 3 need me for reading the work........
  3. Snow is GREAT as long as it melts within 24 hours.........I am so NOT a northerner anymore! Bring on Spring....
  4. Where in N.Vermont are you? I used to live in Essex, Vermont about a year ago....:)
  5. Yes, but I actually like them a little older
  6. Its the never ending winter.......duh duh duh!
  7. Who else from the crew is reviewing this coming up? So looking forward to this and my family is super excited!!!
  8. I did not know Arlene was a senior? Wow....that was fast! I am wanting to be done NOW, but it looks like our target date will be April for my 5th grader if he really gets it into gear & kindergartener & my 2nd grader will go through the summer, UGH elementary ages are so time-consuming & can be so tedious !!! I am hoping to see a difference with 6th grade next year with more independent work FINALLY....
  9. I had no idea there were books that accompany these audios! Wow learning something new everyday....thank you!
  10. I think its everywhere this time of year!
  11. LOVE coconut!!
  12. There is a book,,,,,hmmmm I will have to check it out! ty
  13. Never heard of this one before & we do not know much abou this? curious.......
  14. my son is begging for grades & we are more charlotte mason as well,,,,,ugh!
  15. Just curious as to how many of you actually correct your students work? My corrections usually happen on a Sunday afternoon for an hour or two, but this takes SOOOO long & its a LOT of work, yet I feel the feedback is necessary...... Do any of you use GRADES???
  16. For anyone not reviewing Magic Stix Markers here is a great giveaway to win a 24 pack of markers! I love these markers.... Contest begins 3/5 & ENDS 3/12/18 Please feel free to share
  17. my son is requesting grades, he likes this since we attend coop & they do grades! Not sure where to start because I do not do grades, YET!
  18. After some much needed corrections & planning time I realized some of our books are coming to a close this week!!!! There is light at the end of the tunnel......I have no idea how any teachers with 30 kids in a classroom has the grace to do this & THE CORRECTIONS!
  19. Yes cleanliness we try......but we have no interest in females, so I think I'm good for another couple of years anyway....Until that darn puberty!
  20. Hopefully this situation will bring about wholeness in her life & she gets the much needed help upon dealing with her issues........:)
  21. hmmmmm.......I am not sure what I think because my 10 year old see's no point in showering, so its hard to imagine him kissing anyone at this point! lol
  22. So I would love to know Heirloom's view on all the controversy happening with the lee statue? There is debate here in Viriginia about statues in Surry that they are thinking of removing.......or as I was chatting with someone should probably have never been put up in the first place.....thoughts?
  23. Its Fun to Celebrate Anothers Birthday!!!
  24. Happy Birthday!
  25. Journaling is great for nature studies!