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  1. Anyone else just have one of those DIFFICULT kids you would like to return for a refund somehow? Just turned 6 & makes our family crazy with the level of difficulites that are endured because there is NO compliance whatsoever........UGH
  2. will do......have you tried elderberry....its my go to superfood for boosting the immune & trying to stay healthy whatever way we can!
  3. what a great idea, cds tend to get scratched when we travel as well, I will try my phone next time! ty
  4. Just received mine today! Thanks Heirloom
  5. Circle C Series with Andi Carter, by Susan K Marlow!
  6. NO snow for us, but just cold! Yes winter I think is over, those poor people in san diego have no idea how we suffer lol
  7. Happy Friday EVERYONE & currently watching the live stream from PA & seeing if Phil will see his shadow.....poor groundhog What a weird tradition we have here in the US.....
  8. It seems EVERY year he see's his 10-year old said maybe its the lighting, because he has seen his shadow the last 2 years...LOL
  9. Hi There, I am just trying to figure out which audios we will be receiving in the mail for participating in the forum from the homeschool review crew last year? ty so much!
  10. Just curious if this is the best way to reach customer service????
  11. Hi, I was just wondering which audios will be shipped to us for being a part for forum from the homeschool review crew? ty so much
  12. THis is REALLY exciting!!!
  13. Hi There, Anyone know when the audios will be sent out for those who signed up to be apart of the forum, from the homeschool review crew? I was just thinking about this the other day, although it has not been a year yet to fulfill the requirements......just curious? ty
  14. Thank you my son is super anxious to listen to some more!! Do we need to send our addresses to them? How did you find out this great info?
  15. Who's getting snow, where & how much? VA here has not started but if it does thats the end literally....
  16. Okay Everyone, Pro's/Con's about this infamous instapot I keep hearing about? What do you love? Favorite Recipes? What do you dislike? Its getting to be that time when Christmas gifts are being purchased............
  17. Thats a great idea, go fund me!
  18. we are 5 days into snow days for a 6-11inch snowfall that happed last week......shhh don't tell my kids as we never have a snow day!
  19. I would personally call your friends and family & tell them what you are doing and ask if they have any house jobs in or out, babysitting, etc....that your daughter could personally raise the money.......fundraisers I have done enough of those
  20. Yes, they will definately call it tomorrow! we will have to see about thursday but this week could be a wash too.....poor public schoolers they are never getting out for summer break
  21. Looking like snow is in the forecast again for wednesday, snow here we come............well only if your not homeschooled
  22. kids are back to school today! BUT for us we had five days of school with or without snow
  23. Do you happen to know chelle wilkinson?
  24. Happy New Year to will you bring in the new year?
  25. Happy New Year to you ALL hope its been a good one so far! New Fresh Start....I love it!