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  1. We are Smithfield & its already started to melt, phew......
  2. Did you get that crazy flooding?
  3. A little bit jealous!!! :))
  4. Where in Ks? I used to live in Olathe
  5. Yes please do, it ends tomorrow! ty
  6. Win a 12 pack of washable Magic Stix markers-odorless, & non-toxic, ending 12/27/17.........Please share, share, share
  7. BRRR.......we have been fairly ahead of the game as well, thanks to amazon and a few alone moments to wrap, which is alway the longest part. I am thankful for a 69 degree day today, but it shall get a little chilly by tomorrow for Christmas!
  8. Happy Monday! Its 64 degrees, making fudge & 1 week till Christmas! What is everyone up to? Feeling the last minute hustle & bustle? Still need to wrap gifts today....Anyone else?
  9. Yes we have listened to it! VERY exciting indeed
  10. BRRRR, sounds cold! I am thankful for the 50's right now!
  11. Happy Monday Everyone! I hope its a good one for everybody.......Anyone go sledding or enjoy the snow over the weekend?
  12. Six inches is enough to build a snowman! yeah!!!!
  13. Our snow is completely gone! Actually I just call it powdered sugar lol
  14. here is a fun advent celebration we are doing this year! Let me know what you think?
  15. Does anyone celebrate hanukkah, advent or anything other traditions during this month?
  16. Hi Everyone, Post your desserts here? I am sure we have some fantastic bakers out there
  17. All Right Everyone, What are we buying this year? I have ages 10, 7, 5, 9mo
  18. Thats so great, we incorporate hanukkah as well! and this year we are doing advent with twenty two books!
  19. Who says Thanksgiving has to be on Thursday? We just had ours today & it works all the same!
  20. Hi Everyone, Here is a great DVD Giveaway perfect to give as a gift or keep for yourself!!!
  21. Sometimes its fun changing things up!
  22. We just took a walk today and learned all about how cotton grows.....since there are TONS of fields at the end of our road, funny how cotton actually grows on a plant and blooms!
  23. What is everyone doing for their Thanksgiving traditions? We are planning a beach brunch this year.....
  24. I'm sure Ken Hamm would have something of that nature you are looking for?
  25. Christmas music is a MUST!!! Starting the beginning of November is always fun!