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  1. I would vary my schooling.....we do not have crazy happen over the december holidays so I just stay consistent with what we continue to do!
  2. HI There, Anyone else going to Chicago, for the Momsmeet WOW Summit 2017? I will be leaving tomorrow and super excited to be going as a blogger/ambassador. Let me know if you want more information
  3. I think we are starting a new tradition this year regarding books for advent.....will let you know how it goes!
  4. A reason for handwriting is what we have used.......its quick and takes less than 10 minutes a day 4 x's a week to do.....what we like is sending the scriptures out to people at the end of the week.
  5. cuddle duds & bogs would be fantastic choices that will get plenty of use without wearing out!!! Used to live in MI, but in VA now and its still cold here ugh
  6. Good discussion ladies keep it up!! More recipes for inspiration I think is needed
  7. Has anyone ever roadschooled for a short amount of time, say 6 months or less? Did you rent an RV or just rental cabins, houses, etc...... I really would like to do some roadschooling for say 6month, but not sure if this is possible? Hmmmmmm....... Lets talk practicalities everyone? I am open to hearing the pro's and con's ty
  8. HI There, Its a bad day, so how do you get yourself out of the funky emotions when your day is just plain stupid it seems and everything is going wrong?
  9. HI Everyone, What do you know about struggling learners & processing disorders? Just had an assessment done & realized my 7 year old is having some processing issues.....Would like some help on this....
  10. HI There, If your a blogger what companies do you review for? Are any of them paid in actually money or just product? Still trying to figure out this blogger world.....Thanks for any advice, tips or help!
  11. Alright ladies, what do you know about the brain balance center? Had my daughter tested, according to the assessment she needs 36-108 hours of work, a four month time frame & at $179 per session, 3 x's a week thats about $10,000 for 4 months..............Anyone actually go through this program???? We are NOT considering this because of the cost, yet we have some academic delays with our 7 year old, so we are finding new avenues for her that will accomplish the same goal.....Open for discussion?
  12. Homeschooling family of 6, ages are 10, 7,5 & 5months. Babies can be tricky and so we will see how our new homeschool year plays out with baby???? Hmmmm.....the beauty of homeschooling is we will not start until Sept 18th this year, due to 2 vacations back to back. Funny thing we will probably still be done by June. Who else is starting later than the average public/private schoolers?
  13. I asked around today at a moms group, no one knew anything about this center & were shocked with the prices? Anyone else???
  14. AND, think about the money your saving from candy being thrown away by parents too!!! Sounds like you had a very fun time! Good job momma, take the pressure off....
  15. We passed out our candy box tracts with harvst seeds to our librarian, a waitress, ymca workout people, and moms at the park. It was a great way for my kids to approach a stranger and give them encouragement while presenting Christ all in one!
  16. How was everyone's evening on tuesday?
  17. Mother daughter spa weekend!!!
  18. Its so great to find alternatives to candy too!
  19. hmmmm, good question. my crockpot is horrible at cooking evenly, but is oval not round. So I am curious too?
  20. Do share the recipe please?
  21. WHAT a new audio adventure HOW AWESOME!!!! Cannot wait........
  22. Exchange program with a foreign language, short term missions trip or roadschooling adventure!!
  23. Thats funny......just when you think you are alone and the only one experiencing crazy things happening, you realize by posting something and having others respond that EVERYONE experiences the same type of issues! AND YES I DO EAT A LOT OF DARK CHOCOLATE! Chocolate is a
  24. We passed out a few pumpkin tracts at the pumpkin patch today and the airport! It has been fun sharing the gospel in a very easy way!
  25. Favorite fall activities????? Needing some new suggestions....