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  1. Ladies here is a great opportunity to pass out those candy box tract pumpkins (if you reviewed them) and fill them with harvest seeds (aka candy corn) with a scripture on the front........people will willing accept anything you give them on halloween, take advantage of the opportunity to spread the gospel You can buy the harvest seeds from oriental trading company or on amazon and we filled these last night with our american heritage girls and they are passing them out into the community this week!!!
  2. I feel my time with writing needs a new dimension and not everything is money, BUT time is money and money is time, so my journey begins!!!
  3. Thank you ladies, keep the ideas coming in!
  4. Yes it seems we are on the same journey....
  5. Thought this would be fun to poll people on...... I am starting the christmas music listening starting Oct.31st this year, usually I wait until November, but my Michael Buble and Josh Groban are calling me to listen to them Anyone else a xmas music early bird?
  6. ohhh, thats so fun!!!
  7. My biggest homeschool challenge is time, NOT EVER having enough to get what needs to be done. I have no idea how public school kids do it being gone so much and then activities, when would you actually see your kid? Because last night I realized even though I am with my kids all day its hard to just SEE them without a scheduled homeschool anything.......
  8. ohh, thanks! will you be going Kim? I am excited for the time away to refresh and recharge...every momma needs a recharge thats for sure!
  9. Your not the only one with strong willed, hard headed kids! I have 3 myself.........Sometimes us mommas get over committed and think we can do more than we can. I am proud of you momma, for making the decision for getting rid of the job. I am not very good at any jobs outside/inside the home, and even doing these reviews can be challenging. CHEERS to the reset button!
  10. HI There, I NEED help, 5th, 2nd & K5 are my grades this year! I am FRIED mentally by the end of the day and find myself grumpy. I am trying to do k5 for 1 hour at first, then 2nd grade for about 1 1/2 hours intermittently with 5th grade questions...........HOW DO YOU GUYS who have lots of kids/grades do this with JOY.....we have just started our school year this week and I have 3 days in and Im ready to quit. The 5th grader is mostly independent, but the other two are NEEDY because we are not reading yet.....UGH!!!!
  11. 5 years, I only track from when we officially had curriculum!
  12. What I found interesting was all my kids ages 10, 7,5 LOVED working on them with me.....what a great family moment together!
  13. Their dramas are just super fun and bring history to life in a way not possible anywhere else!
  14. Staying home and having nothing to do is a luxury!
  15. Puzzles are fantastic! Discovered that wonderful hobby during a trip to the outerbands this past summer LOVE THEM
  16. Sounds to me momma you need a massage, a long hot epsom salt bath complete with bubbles, maybe a glass of wine and some jazz music in the background!!! OKAY realisticly maybe a drop moms day out program would help with your littles, even once a month? I am not a big advocate of getting rid of kiddos, but for sanity sake and husband absent, it might give you the much needed 2-4 hour break needed to regroup your brain! Just an idea...... OH, and our family prayed for your family last night during dinner. We bless the military families serving without complaint!!!! GRACE, GRACE to you
  17. My husband already said my music listening this year was a little early!! Gotta love the music though!
  18. Its good to know another momma is in the same boat!!!
  19. I think planning these into our school routine is great, BUT sometimes kids especially homeschoolers need FUN curriculum, where nothing is required but pure enjoyment!
  20. My advice is GRACE to you first!!! Next, I too feel the same way. My family is not the wonderful, loving family you see out and about. WE have our loving moments, but I should have been a professional referree......a tool used last year and now this year is a token system. USED for rewarding behavior (teachers do it all the time in public) so I came up with my own system.... Tokens they earn: from doing school with NO attitude, kindness displayed to a sibling, extra chore help without being asked, getting regular chores done on time, looking for ways to serve the family/friends (now that your brain is turning Tokens can be taken away: disrespect, rudeness, sassy car behavior, and the list GOES ONNNNNN etc......... Tokens can be redeemed for: (and ask your kids too) library movie, extra ice-cream, date with mom/dad, dollar store trip, day off of school, day off of chores, 15 minutes of phone games, stay up a little later, special board game time etc..... I also have built in a buffer day friday which is now our day that if one kid has attitude or is sick during mon-thursday then they work on friday. ITS really fun for me to give out tokens and stop being the bad cop all the time! I hope this helps in some way or lends to a new idea for your family
  21. I enjoy writing and being in nature biking! Yet with a 7mo old that doesn't happen much these days
  22. So from what I am reading combine subjects.......but how do you do the reading, math, writing separate?
  23. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond......I am seeing that I need to combine subjects more now as they are getting slightly older!!!!
  24. I am seeing a pattern here
  25. So may I ask what a typical day looks like in your home schedule wise? What are some of your curriculum you use? TY