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  1. Thats how we felt about 2 of the vendors we missed this past year.....I think we get soooo excited and then have an expectation, and for whatever reason we miss the list our family gets really bummed!!! I'm so sorry, maybe you could order it?
  2. We are not officially starting until Sept 18th, due to back to back vacations at the end of August/September......this is what makes homeschooling manageable it may be tweaked for life to happen!!!
  3. BE careful I have too many posts lately that these glasses they are passing out are not completely safe......whats a family to do but view it online safely!
  4. Here's a field trip your olders would love--
  5. WE are in VA too, near newport news
  6. We have been homeschooling 5 years now, and I really cannot believe we have been going this long! I think the 5 year mark is called a veteran, lol!
  7. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Over in the Meadow for littles, Caddie Woodlawn for older and our new favorites are from Lamplighter Publishing---Teddys Button, Basil, and The Secret Bridge for more mature readers!