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  1. My girls played volleyball this year for our local homeschool team. A fun and encouraging time for them.



      That's really cool! My kids swim on a YMCA team!

  2. I'm sure it was tough, but good job doing the best thing for your family even though it was hard! We don't participate in a coop because of the time commitment. We did for one semester when my youngest was in grade 2. We only wanted to take one class they were offering, but but we had to participate in the entire day of activities and wade through assignments that had no real value to our homeschool. After that first semester, I realized that it just wasn't a good fit for us and actually a waste of time. Instead of a coop, we like to take individual classes that may be offered locally. And I make sure my kids have plenty of opportunities to be with their friends. We also participate in several community things so we stay connected.
  3. What traditions does your family have? We always go to the big children's museum in Indianapolis every Christmas eve and have for YEARS. I thought the kids would eventually outgrow it, but they are adamant about going this year at the ages of 12, 14, 16, and 18. My oldest even requested the day off work so she could be sure to go. It's one tradition that I'm glad they aren't ready to let go of just yet.
  4. We have an artificial, pre-lit tree. This year the kids put it up and decorated it with extra lights. They did a good job.
  5. I'd like to start a new literature course with my high schoolers. We aren't planning on a busy new year though, so other than that, probably not changing things up too much. We would like to get back into our local theatre come February.
  6. I think I prefer crochet over knitting, but knitting has always confused me. Our pastor's wife knits beautiful things. I'd love to be able to take something with me when we go to church. I need to keep my hands busy as I listen!
  7. I wish I was good at crochet. It would be portable. I could take it with me. I once watched a Craftsy class about crochet. It was fascinating, and I followed along enough to learn how to make the stitches and a somewhat wonky granny square, but that was it. My fingers just don't work fast enough!
  8. Have you used these amazing paints yet?



      My daughter loves them. She is 12 and loves anything to do with arts and crafts. She loves to take them in the car.



      We love them. Just got a pack of Neon and Metalix in the mail for helping promote Kwik Stix are available at BJ's Wholesale Club. Quite excited, as we've only ever had the normal colors before.

  9. I know as moms we don't have a ton of time. I sew. I love to sew. And blog about what I make. I even started developing PDF sewing patterns. However I had to take a break from sewing and pattern development. It is a very LONG road, with lots of competition and I can't work as fast and as much as I'd like, well, not without ignoring my family and home responsibiliteis. So I took a break in order to build my home based business. I'll return to sewing/blogging/pattern making soon though. I still pull the machine out to do simple mending projects and such. I miss it. BUT I realized for the good of my family and homeschooling and home based business building that I didn't want the rest of my hours to be behind a sewing machine or computer. What do you do?
  10. If you have followed me, I followed you back. If I forgot, feel free to send me a reminder!
  11. So I'm curious how other parents handle the whole sports and homeschooling scenario. This is the first year that my girls have joined a homeschool volleyball team. How do you manage the game days? especially away games? I don't particularly like to eat out all the time. but I also can't always be the mom toting around sandwiches and apples either--that just gets boring. I also feel like it takes up a huge chunk of our day on game days. I have been letting the work load slide a bit because I know this is a short season--basically mid August through October.
  12. My oldest daughter began realizing she could actually finish school earlier if she did it alone. My others are quickly following that too.
  13. We have started homeschooling since my now senior was in kindergarten. Always said we wouldn't before that. However, if we add up total years, then I add up the 13 I have homeschooled my oldest, 11 for my second, 10 for my 3rd, and 8 for my last--making it a grand total of 42 years!
  14. I separated my kids several years ago, and it was the best thing, honestly. They weren't competing over each other. It wasn't much more work for me because they mostly began working independently. So I would send the older two off with their work and instructions (I taught them how to read the teacher guide so they could follow assignments and such) and then would check back in with them. My 3rd child did about half of her work independently leaving me time to work with my youngest. I have 4 kids and they are all 1-2 grades apart from each other. Now they each study *mostly* on their own with me keeping tabs on them. At first I thought it would be weird to have them all separated, but it wasn't. During those transition years to independence, we used Heart of Dakota exclusively. Now the older girls each study what they need to for their high school credits while I'm teaching my son how to be independent. Last year I missed learning together so I tried to combine all of them back together in some subjects. Let's just say that experiment lasted about 2 weeks. Separate and independent is the best for us! The key to separating them is to help them be independent learners. Teach them how to read the teacher guide for instructions. At times, I even let them have the answer key so they can begin checking their own work too. Independence is a beautiful thing!
  15. I will have to check that out!