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  1. I finally figured out just last night what the problem was. I had pop ups disabled on my phone. I realized it after several weeks of not being able to log in and click "view new posts" on the forum - nothing ever showed up, and I know there were new posts. I could still access the forum and read, but anything that required a new screen, wouldn't open. I turned it on and was able to log in to the club site.
  2. I thought the answer was Harry too - and the next question "Why is Harry there?" kind of gives it away, so I think it's incorrectly marked wrong.
  3. I can log in on my Macbook, but I can't log in on my iPhone anymore after previously logging in and using the site. I've updated and restarted my phone to no avail. Any tips or suggestions? The club site really enhanced our experience, but I can't access it now while on the road which is where we use it the most.