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  1. Thank you for your encouragement! We have one last update... The Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever test was negative. Honestly, we were praying it was positive because it would give us a definitive answer. We will now cautiously watch her for signs of other issues, but not change anything in our lives. This will be hard on me. I am going to have to learn not to assume the worst with every little symptom that is "off". God is good. He is gracious. He is our healer. Most importantly, He is sovereign. And I will choose to rest in these truths!
  2. More excellent news! Her lymph nodes are significantly less inflamed!!!! We still don't know the trigger, but I'm choosing daily (sometimes minute-ly!) to trust in the Lord's faithfulness. We have one outlying test for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever we are waiting to come back. If that is negative then we don't know and are aware it could be JIA.
  3. We are still waiting on the CT results, but her blood work from Monday was 100% completely normal!!!! This is an incredible praise!
  4. Thank you so very much. She is doing well. We have follow up blood work and a CT scan on Monday. She’s feeling really anxious about it. We just keep praying together and making a plan for how she can handle it. Hard stuff for a 10 year old. Thank you so much for continuing to pray!
  5. I'm so sorry! JIA is definitely on the table, but thankfully she isn't exhibiting any of those symptoms. But that is in the back of my mind as a possibility
  6. Thank you so much! No updates. I'm just trying to rest in the One who brings us peace! She has follow up scans and bloodwork next week, but we won't know anything much until after Christmas. She really is doing well. You would have no idea she was as sick as she was and I'm finding out she was in more danger than I realized. I think that was God's grace that I didn't know!
  7. Ours is reusable. I'm highly allergic and can't live with a tree in the house! I burn Christmas Tree candles and get the same effect without the allergic reaction!
  8. We usually decorate the 1st or 2nd weekend of November...yup. People can get really crabby towards us about it on social media and even in person! We absolutely celebrate Thanksgiving, but the Christmas season is something we find worth celebrating without the rushed feeling it can have. My husband is a pastor so Thanksgiving on is just insanely busy. Decorating early allows us to enjoy it longer and in a more relaxed way. My only rule for my husband is that we don't decorate the outside so our neighbors don't get mad at us!
  9. Yay!!! I haven't been on the computer much with my daughter being in the hospital the week before Thanksgiving. What a wonderful surprise!
  10. 2 weeks ago we spent a week in the hospital with my middle daughter. She was diagnosed with Macrophage activation syndrome which can be very scary, but we are praising God it was caught early and treated quickly. My request is that the Lord would provide an answer as to what triggered this inflamatory disorder. She has been tested for everything imaginable and it all comes back negative. The doctors believe it was either viral, or the beginning onset of an autoimmune disease. The Lord has sustained us and given me such grace accept the danger she was in, but as the days go by with no answers it is getting harder. So pray an answer will be revealed and if that is not the Lord's will that we will be able to have peace about the unknown.
  11. We love field trips!!!! We visited the Police museum in Columbia SC. That was really a neat thing. It was small, but they loved it. Hershey, PA was also amazing! We did the park, but honestly they loved the ride in the store that showed how the chocolate was made the best I think! We also toured a smaller chocolate factory in OH (I don't remember the name!) and it was even better because we saw actual candy being created. I have a whole wish list of field trips to take with them and hope we can cross some more off our list this year.
  12. Apologia has a world-view study I'm doing with my 7th grade daughter this year. It's called "Who is God" and so far we really like it! I also very much like everything from Master Books. All that they produced is geared towards guiding kids to having a biblical worldview they decide for themselves.
  13. In early November. We put the tree up then too. I get a lot of flack for that, but really, I don't care. It's our family tradition and it works for us! My husband is a pastor so the holidays become so busy and hectic if we don't begin some of the traditions early then everything is so rushed and crazy.
  14. Hi there! I'm a homeschooling mom to three girls ages 12, 10, and almost 8. We are living in the south and my husband is the pastor of a church in the Christian and Missionary Alliance. I chronicle our homeschooling journey on my blog, Grace-Filled Homeschooling.