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  1. We don’t have firm “rules” about it. I like to decorate early - by Dec 1st - but a few years ago we switched from an artificial tree to buying a real one each year. This means we don’t have a tree until about the 15th, which is a bummer, it the real tree scent and look just can’t be beat, so it’s worth it. I still put the other decorations out earlier. I’m not sure what this year will look like. We currently live with my in laws, and a month ago my husband said the goal for moving out was 12/1. When I asked him again a few days ago if that was still the goal, he said he wants to move “as soon as possible.” I know before the 1st isn’t possible, but I also truly hope that “asap” doesn’t mean “in 3 or 4 more months,” which it easily could Anyway, as far as music and movies go, I have no idea. We were just informed tonight that the Thanksgiving dinner for hubby’s side of the family will be on the 18th (my family doesn’t get together for Thanksgiving), so anytime after that is fair game I suppose.
  2. Ooh, good idea!
  3. I review for the Homeschool Review Crew and occasionally for Flyby, and only get products in exchange. I don’t have enough traffic to get more than that. I feel like getting money too moves it from “review” to “sponsored post,” and I don’t like sponsored posts. I ALWAYS skip them in my Bloglovin feed. Even when there’s some personal experience discussed, sponsored posts feel like ads, while reviews are truly informative. It’s a fine line, but one I don’t intend to cross simply because it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
  4. You have some great things on your list! How fun! About the only thing we make sure to do each fall is he pumpkin patch. I love that you put some “regular” stuff on there (like the HP movie marathon).
  5. After dinner on Thanksgiving at the earliest.
  6. Getting my sweaters out of storage to wear again! I love fall clothes much more than summer clothes. Also, moving. But that’s a different story
  7. I agree that it’s easier to focus when your hands are busy! My mind doesn’t wander as much if I’m doing something productive with my hands. Although these days, I end up on ge church nursery every week because my son is the only baby/toddler who uses it. Doesn’t seem fair to have someone else in there for my own kid. But they pipe the sermon in on a speaker, so it works.
  8. We use them mostly for fun - my kids listen during quiet time before bed and as they fall asleep. However, my 11yo recently chose the French Revolution for his history this semester, so I'm going to assign him In the Reign of Terror, including the study guide. He's a reader, not a listener, so this will have the double whammy of expanding his horizons.
  9. I love to knit. I used to sew (primarily self taught), but I never felt like I was very good at it. I made a few outfits and dozens of quilts that were passable, but almost nothing amazing. I also used to crochet, but that was always a like, not a love. Then in January 2016 (after I announced to my family that I was giving up sewing), my husband suggested I learn to knit. We poked around online and discovered that the yarn store that I frequented had "learn to knit" classes once a month (they also have "learn to crochet," but I already knew how to do that). The next one was taking place on Valentine's Day, so we decided I'd attend. (We had a newborn at the time, so going out wasn't an option.) I haven't put down my needles since
  10. What an inspiring story the two of you have. Thank you for continuing to update. I will be praying for between now and the 9th, and especially that evening.
  11. We don't do swim team, but we love going to the pool. Back when we only had 2 kids, we went once a week without fail. Then we had a third baby and moved all within 6 months, so we were much farther away from our preferred pool and we basically quit going altogether. We're hoping to move nearer to there in the next 3-6 months, so maybe we'll start going more regularly again.
  12. As a kid, I really liked spelling in elementary school. As I aged and that subject went away, math was my favorite. My 13yo doesn't like school much... he's very stubborn and his own ideas for what he should be able to do with his time. It's a struggle sometimes to get him to not be a punk. But his current favorite (I do make him do school and chores, despite his not wanting to lol) is math. He's in pre-algebra, so it's challenging without being too hard. And he gets to do it on the iPad, which he likes (we're currently using an online program). My 11yo (it's his birthday today!) loves to read. That's definitely his passion, so his favorite is literature. There have been very few books he hasn't liked over the years. In fact, I can only think of one off the top of my head. My 5yo is brand new to school (kindergarten this year), but his favorite so far seems to be math. We'll see how that changes as he gets older. ?
  13. Fall is my absolute favorite!! I'm so excited for the weather to cool off. My favorite fall recipe is Rachael Ray's sausage and pumpkin pasta. Mmmm.
  14. We get a lot of rain (PNW here), but haven't in a while. The summers can be quite warm, and it's been even hotter than normal this year. Because it's been so hot, we are treating the 105+ days like rainy days and making the kids stay inside. They play board games, listen to audiobooks/audio dramas, and build legos mostly. Yesterday and today, my 5 yo dictated a story to me. I'm going to type it up and print it out today so he can illustrate it
  15. This was a great idea for a post! And lots of great ideas here. I think my kids are getting tired of cereal - plus it's just so expensive, even at Costco. I think I'll implement some of these ideas starting next week; the boys will need something more substantial than cereal once we dive into school again on Tuesday.