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  1. Thank you all for your input!!! The Cat of Bubastes is one of the 2 we DONT have. But I tried Beric the Briton since we have read and talked about the Storekeeper series and are familiar with that time frame. I think that drama was easier for the 6 year old to understand. I agree the car is ideal but I usually I see them at their house where there are a lot of distractions. I let them listen while doing homework... not sure if that interfered with their homework effort but they wanted to listen to more the next day Thanks again.
  2. I am a grandma and I have purchased these for my 6 and 9 year old grand kids that are in public school. Since I am not teaching them (with a curriculum) does anyone have a suggestion as to what order makes sense? My first thought is chronological...but then maybe it would be easier to start with the more familiar US based ones (Lee and Captain Bailey) and go backwards? I tried listening to Dragon and Raven (7 chapters) with my 6 yr old grandson but he seemed only engaged if I would give a brief intro and summary before each chapter, then remind him whose talking and where they are (by looking at the read along - he's too young to do this)...otherwise he lost interest. My time with them is short...I guess I should look at the study guides too to see what points I need to introduce or just try listening first? To be honest, although I like the dramas and think they are very well done, they tend to run together in my mind and its hard to remember what each of them are about so I have a hard time summarizing them... Any ideas/feedback appreciated. Thanks.