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  1. This is a great idea! I may have to give it a try for my house. Maybe changing it up every other month or so to keep us on our toes!
  2. I am at a loss. I love letting my kids learn at their own pace. My son taught himself how to read at 7, but by 6 he had the basics down. Now my 6 year old daughter is struggling with reading, bad. She loves Reading Eggs, breezes through the lessons, but draws a blank when she has to do a test at the end and she can't seem to read simple words to me or her dad. I am worried because her dad had issues with reading growing up ( his mom didn't pay attention and he struggled through school). Am I just over-reacting being she is only my second that I have "taught" to read, or is there a program out there that would be easy and slow paced with lots of repetition for her? We have used Jolly Phonics (she didn't like it), and the McGruffy Primer from Easy Peasy along with Reading Eggs.
  3. Does anyone use Outlook with their gmail accounts? is it worth it? I am so used to gmail, I don't know if I want to learn something new, unless it is easier. Any thoughts?
  4. So, I jumped...I went to while logged into my gmail account. They didn't ask for any information about school anything. I set up a "classroom" with my son's name and grade, invited him as a student and away I went! I set up the assignments, he logs in and tells me when he is done. I can even grade him right there. I did today and sent it to him, but transferred it over to my grading/transcript program I use. But it is all right here for me...and I can tell him what to do, yet let him do it on his own...I am liking what I see so far!!
  5. Have you ever heard of or used Google Classroom? I read about it online, and it is free for schools, so thinking of setting up our homeschool. I would love to hear what others think of it.
  6. I have a third grader who hates to write. His handwriting is sloppy, large and he mixes upper and lowercase letters. We have used a few different styles, but he doesn't like them. I am thinking of getting him going on cursive to see if that helps. What is your favorite curriculum to teach cursive?
  7. I never thought to use my GoodReads this way! Thank you ladies!
  8. How exciting! It has been a crazy week, and this is a great way to start the end of the week I can't wait to start listening!
  9. Has anyone ever checked out DiscoveryK12? Student accounts are free, you just need to pay for the parent side of it, if you want it. I have never heard of this before and was wondering if it is worth it? I am currently paying A LOT more for my oldest son's online classes! If you have used it, can you tell me what is good and what is bad about it? Thank you!!
  10. How do you tell yourself that it is ok to get rid of curriculum that your 10 grader is using because it will be awhile before the 3rd, 1st or toddler will need them I am Amanda Hopkins and I am a curriculum junkie...there I said it!
  11. I have been reviewing for a few years, and only get compensated by receiving the product. The only way I earn any kind of money is by using affiliate links.
  12. We are currently trying out Doodles Do Algebra thanks to another homeschool mom! It is different, talking about the why and not just the how.
  13. My biggest challenge has been separating my time between the children. Having 3 of them who need me to help them has been tough on me, not to mention the toddler and daddy still recovering from surgery.
  14. What do you use to keep track of the books your children have read? I am basing our history courses on living books, and want to keep track of them for this reason.
  15. I am so excited about the new adventure!! My husband was ogling over it!