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  1. Hopefully your group will use a variety of authors. Those changes of perspective are usually just what I need.
  2. We had some snow yesterday (IN) but thankfully it did not stick. I know the weather is crazy! One Friday it was 74 and we were wearing shorts and yesterday morning it was 25.
  3. What is your favorite outdoor activity to do in the Spring? You know, that one thing that lets you know winter is over and gets you dreaming of warm days?
  4. It IS nice when someone else can make dinner
  5. I'm not in any groups right now, but the ladies group at church is getting ready to do Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. I wish I could go, but it just doesn't work out for the day of the week they host it on.
  6. What are you doing for this week leading up to Easter? Is there a particular tradition your family does to prepare your hearts for Easter morning?
  7. I'll give you my opinion. Don't be in hurry to give your heart away. Renee's post from earlier mentioned us not wanting our kids to make the same mistakes we made, and sometimes that is giving the wisdom to wait. As parents we are trying to instill a desire for our daughters to follow God's leading for their lives, not work to fit in with the world. Our almost 20 year old daughter has admitted she would like to have a boyfriend, but she does not have one right now. She knows that when she hears 12-14 year olds talk about their "boyfriends" they have no real idea yet about how difficult being an adult is. They do not understand how many hours you have to work to pay for your car or eat, or but new shoes. Most guys under 20 cannot support themselves, so why would she think they are ready to marry her... and the point of dating or courtship is supposed to be to find a spouse. These young teens wonder why she doesn't spend time trying to get a boyfriend. Well, frankly, she is too busy working on living her own life and figuring out what she wants to do and where God wants her to go to spend all her free time looking for a guy. She has some really good friends that she spends time with, some of them are guys, some are girls, but they always hang out in a group. Even for the ones that may some day end up being married, doing things as a group at this point in their lives takes the pressure off. They can have fun, they can have either serious or funny talks, and in the end, they are all still friends. Our almost 18 year old has some friends that are guys, but for the most part, she still thinks guys are gross, or maybe a better term would be slightly immature. She knows she is not ready for marriage, so she has no reason to be looking for a boyfriend. She enjoys spending time with her friends, and she is letting God mold her into the person that will one day hopefully make a good wife. The other day we passed a house that she has admired for a while, and I told her that someday, when God brought her architect/ engineer/ cowboy, bbqing chef, future husband to our door to ask for her hand I would be sure to let him know that she wants a dormer window in her house with a seat for reading books. It's ok to dream a little about your future spouse, but it is wise to remember that the serious ones will be looking to see if you are a person to cherish for a lifetime. If you are 14 then you should not be in a relationship where kissing is involved, because you're not of an age to truly consider marriage. When you meet the right one some day, you'll be glad you waited.
  8. Our girls spent several years in Awana, even though we are not Baptist, simply because a friend from our local homeschooling group invited us. It was a really good program for our girls, and they enjoyed it, but we did not change churches because of it. We have been to several various denominational church in the past. But we almost always chose something simpler because we are just Christ-Followers, not wanting to join a denominational church or get involved in doctrinal debates instead of worshipping God and serving alongside other believers. We have driven anywhere from 5 minutes to 45 minutes to church over these 24 years of marriage. Right now the church we are attending is about 35 minutes away. There are dozens of churches we pass between here and there, but that is where God has led us, and we find the other believers at our church genuine and loving. Too many of the more local to us churches have huge theological issues that we simply could not stomach. That is sad. I would be awesome if there was a local church that simply preached the word of God consistently. I would love to live closer to the community of believers we worship and serve with, but this is one of those things where God has called us to sacrifice our time in obedience, and I really love the ladies in the church, something I really need as a mom who will soon graduate her youngest and could use some life-long friends outside of homeschooling. In answer to the question/ poll from March 7th...I think I could find God while attending any of those denominational churches if that was my only option. I've had friends from all of those churches during my adult life, and while we did not agree on everything, the evidence of their love for Jesus was there. I'm not sure of my husband could say the same thing, as he really struggles with attending somewhere when he disagrees with their doctrine. Thankfully, God has given us this church to attend where we can all feel a part of His body.
  9. I've never heard of any of those legends.
  10. We always did nature study when the girls were young, then we used some ideas from the God's Design science books in the middle grades. For High School we did use some textbooks as our spine, but there was a LOT of adaptation. There are some Charlotte Mason/ living books types of science books out there you can choose from, you just have to spend more time researching them. We used several of the Wonders of Creation books from Master Books and the Exploring: ______ series by John Hudson Tiner also from Master Books. For Anatomy we used Dr. Menton's Body of Evidence video series w/ the study guide. For Biology our two favorite were Science Shepherd Biology (very thorough and long, but good) and Bridget Ardoin's Science for High School Biology (very Charlotte Mason and a bit abstract,but also good for the right kids.) Astronomy might have been our favorite, we used The Stargazers Guide to the nIght Sky and Taking Back Astronomy (both by Dr Jason Lisle.) Arlene is 17 now, so I think we are done with specific science courses once she finishes her Ecology book... but we love being outdoors, so we will continue to do, see, and learn.
  11. This will have to go on our try-it soon list of recipes! Just please, don't anyone try using acorns as your nuts of choice (I didn't think you would, but you might have thought of it) because the early settlers knew you had to boil them three times to get the tannins out to make them edible, and I think that is a fact mostly lost today.
  12. I just wanted to hop in here and tell you all that this is exactly the kind of encouragement more families need - someone who is walking a similar path, but admits to not having all the answers We have not been unschoolers, we have always used a Charlotte Mason style of approach, but the one thing I have always liked about it was when I found other families who just "got it" that we were going to be different from he rest of the crowd. We never set out to do school at home, we wanted to focus on a life-long love of learning and an education that set out girls on the right path for adulthood and real life. Good for you all for listening to the call God has given you to be willing to be different!
  13. I just bought a couple plants from Lowe's once Spring and they have spread out ever since. It's not a huge patch, but we get a decent amount of berries for about two weeks. When they spread their runners out too far, I just dig the new plants up and move them back into the middle areas that have thinned out.
  14. That's a kicker for sure. We've had less snow than usual here in Indiana, but some of you on the east coast have been hit four times int he past month. Stay safe!
  15. Not right now, but we had an inch on Wednesday, and we are supposed to get some more tomorrow. I am really hoping their prediction of 3-5" is wrong and it becomes a non-event. I'm wanting to go outside and play, not bundle up and use extra blankets!