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  1. I've finally come to the decision to cancel my membership subscription too. We really don't use the Club site and I'm done hoping for another Audio Adventure to be released any time soon. My next payment is scheduled for August 4 and I don't want to see another charge on my card. I submitted a ticket on Saturday asking to cancel my account (since there's no easy way to just cancel it myself). No response yet. So I've now got a "chat" open with my request. Have been waiting over an hour and no one has responded even though the chat box says "typically responds within an hour." Heirloom Audio has had plenty of time and opportunity to communicate with us members what is going on. The lack of communication is what has finally left me feeling like this membership, for me, is a waste of money that could be better used elsewhere.
  2. Did anyone else in this thread see the post by Julie from Heirloom on January 14? Because it was a new thread, I didn't see it until today. At least there's been an attempt at communication to those of us who use the forum. I just happened to check in here today because my quarterly membership payment is coming due next week. I came to see if there were any more updates or news from Heirloom and that's when I saw that Julie had indeed posted an apology with a link to the same podcast JD already shared here. I'm torn...should I keep giving $25 every three months to Heirloom in hopes that in some small way, it's helping finance their new productions? Or is it time to cancel my membership and just purchase the new CDs whenever they finally are available? It's sad feeling like we've paid for products we never received, although I do realize the membership website is a part of our member benefits. But personally, I haven't really used the website except for occasionally checking the forum. I'll be discussing this with my husband soon so we can decide together what we should do. Anyways, I thought I'd mention in this thread that there's a post from Julie. In case you didn't see it and would like to read it too. Blessings, Stephanie
  3. JD, Thank you for finding and sharing this. I do wish that when this podcast was posted in October someone from Heirloom would have shared it here with us. Like you said, it's very informative and helps give perspective on exactly what has happened and why they are behind schedule this year. It does makes me wonder if anyone is even moderating/managing this site right now. I not only posted my questions above to Julie from Heirloom, but I also sent her a private message asking the same questions with no response to either. After listening to the podcase, I'm cautiously hopeful for Heirloom Audio and will give them grace for a little while longer and see what happens. Stephanie
  4. Julie, Is there any news you can share with us about the new productions Heirloom is working on? When might we might expect them? I'm sure you can understand that as subscribers we are getting quite frustrated because we don't have a clue what's going on with Heirloom Audio. A little communication on a regular basis, especially if you're having difficulties, would go a long way in keeping us all as continuing subscribers. But without that communication, you will likely lose a majority of those of us who have been patiently waiting for our promised new releases. Please help us understand what is taking so long to complete this year's productions. Sincerely, Stephanie
  5. According to the subscription payment receipt, “Throughout the year, you’ll get Heirloom Audio’s 3 newest Audio Adventures before they’re available to the public.” So we are supposed to receive 3 cd sets per year. I’m here checking for info because I’m feeling concerned that I had missed something since the last set I received was For The Temple many months ago. It was so long ago that I can’t even recall when it came. Maybe end of 2018? I would guess that the new productions are taking longer to record and edit than anticipated, but some communication to subscribers about what’s going on and when we can expect the next set(s) would be greatly appreciated. If I don’t hear or receive something soon, I’m most likely going to cancel my subscription.