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  1. We ripped out all of the walls on our second floor and reinsulated. Drastic but what a difference! We also recently replaced our furnace. It is powerful enough to get heat to our second floor where we used to us electric baseboards. That furnace cut our electric bill AND our gas bill. WIN!
  2. I make an awesome 3 bean chili in my Instant Pot. YUUUMMMMM
  3. Daddy takes the day off from work and birthday child gets to choose a day trip destination and make all of the decisions all day.
  4. I reread Teaching from Rest. It really is a great book!
  5. I'm working hard in martial arts. I'm hoping to have my Brown Belt my Christmas. I'm improving my piano skills by working with my daughter. My crochet skills are improving as I'm working on a complicated pattern. I'm not happy if I'm not moving up! LOL!
  6. Wonderful! Thank you!
  7. I'm more and more drawn to what they offer, all Christian Worldview based. Anyone use much from them?
  8. What would you say is the best Heirloom Audio Adventure for a snowy day? I'm watching a blizzard out my window. Perfect day for this if you ask me!
  9. Up here in CT we are in the heart of a Blizzard as I type this. The winds are hurricane force. The snow is probably going to equal out to around 14 inches.
  10. Just before the new year we implemented a new schedule/routine. It's made life so much easier. Stuff is getting done and we have more time to play. It is going very well.
  11. My family has been anxiously awaiting the CD. Anyone get theirs or know when they will ship? n
  12. Still nothing here either.
  13. Too true!
  14. It feels like 2017 was all about loss. Not necessarily direct loss to ME but sooo many friends and extended family members lost loved ones. My sister in law lost her Dad to suicide and her grandmother within weeks of each other. Everything was fine at Christmas, no one could have expected what was coming. Her poor mother losing her mom and her husband together. I pray 2018 is better than that.
  15. We watched old movies and ate homemade pizza. We turned on the TV with a minute until Midnight, counted down, and went to bed. Its one of our favorite nights of the year.