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  1. So we have gone over a year without any new stories. I think it is time for me to cancel the club. I hope that I can get a refund for the past year since they did not uphold their end of the deal or that I can receive the three new stories that were supposed to be released this past year. I can't believe they kept taking our money all year without giving us any new stories or at least an explanation (apart from the obscure podcast that no one heard until the end of 2019).
  2. It's good to hear an update. It's interesting that the podcast is from October but no one on this forum knew about it until now. They could have done an email update or even just sent out the podcast. It's too bad that Bill lost the Science company and it sounds like most of the funding for G.A. Henty was coming from that. They said they are trying to raise funds but it seems like a shady business practice to keep taking money from the people in the club without delivering product, offering an alternative, or even communicating with the members of the club about it. Their new productions sound great but I don't think I can financially remain in the Club if we never get anything from it and are just being used by them to raise money with the hopeful possibility that they will have enough to produce more audio dramas. I'm worried, however, that if I cancel I will miss out on the new audio dramas despite paying for them.
  3. How many releases were there last year? I can think of St. Bartholomew's Eve and For the Temple. Were there any others? We are supposed to be getting 3 sets a year and it really seems like Heirloom is not living up to that.