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  1. Looking forward to the new releases!
  2. I apologize as Julie responded to my email within hours, I just didn't see it. Also, I realize it's Wulf the Saxon (not Saxon the Wulf, lol!). I received it in the mail today! SUPER quick response! Thank you so much! I am sending another email regarding the other issue. Thanks again!
  3. Hi, I sent an email a couple days ago regarding never having received my Saxon the Wulf CDs (though it is available in my library). Additionally, yesterday I ordered three other CD sets of previous episodes (in two orders) and they have yet to be unlocked in my library. Would someone from customer service please respond to my email, plus unlock my new purchases? And can I get an ETA on when the CDs for those episodes will be sent out? We love these audio adventures and all the wonderful accompanying resources! Thanks so much for your help!